Microsoft To Air Its First Super Bowl Ad Tomorrow, Showcasing How Surface Empowers People

Microsoft is going to run its first Super Bowl ad on Sunday during Seahawks vs Broncos NFL match. I was surprised to know that Microsoft has never took part in the famous Super Bowl marketing ads. This time, Microsoft is going to show an ad for Surface Pro device and how it is empowering people with disabilities. Former football player Steve Gleason uses Microsoft Surface to communicate and inspire others diagnosed with ALS. Watch the video above to know more.

Another ad might be just focused on Microsoft branding that it empowers people. Five year old Braylon O’Neill was born missing the tibia and fibula bones in both of his legs. Now, he’s making strides, pushing limits, and playing sports because of Microsoft technology.

It is good to see that Microsoft is taking efforts to remind people that they are still a key player in the technology world. Recently, Apple did a commercial for its iPad showing how people are using it in different ways, how it is helping people in their everyday lives, the impact iPad has on them, etc,. When I saw that commercial, my first thought was about Microsoft doing a similar ad. There would be millions of stories among people who were brought into technology revolution by Windows and Office from Microsoft. What do you think?

  • Guesy

    Maybe time to bring back Jerry Seinfield commercials that worked so well making Vista the huge success it was since W8 suffering similar fate.

  • pdouglas

    As far as I’m concerned only 1 / 2 of Windows 8 has been introduced. The other half is Metro Office. It is only when Metro Office is introduced, will business and power users understand Windows 8, and how it applies to them. And it is only then will mid to higher end PCs begin to really take off in sales, and innovation in productivity apps start to happen.

    • IamDefiler

      And Windows 9 next year.

  • Victor Bergonzoli

    Dartfish is the company behind the software used in the “Making Strides” story. While our app was chosen for the launch of Ipad Air, we are very proud of this one. Our professional software rely on windows OS and its powerful tool set and distribution

  • reKitab

    What’s the iPad message anyway, other than to mesmerize? Cheeky:)

  • JR_Blas

    Debbie Downer ass commercials. U guys didn’t show off any features of the software. U just gave us 2 touching stories and then said “Windows”. People will be more interested in the handicapped than the computers. They’re good commercials, for charity not for Windows