Microsoft To Allow Users To Stream Their Personal Music Collection Using OneDrive

Xbox Music

Based on the source code on the Microsoft’s OneDrive website, Livesino has discovered that Microsoft may allow users to stream their own personal music collection from OneDrive. Users need to upload their music collection to OneDrive Music folder and they can enjoy their music via Xbox Music app on any of the devices. Xbox Music app is available on Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, iOS, etc,. To get the full Xbox Music experience, move your music files into the Music folder on your OneDrive.

Meet your OneDrive Music folder. Upload your music files to this folder, so that you can play them via Xbox Music from any of your devices. You can also add files to this folder using the OneDrive app for your computer.

This will be more useful for users who have GBs of their own music collection that cannot be found on Xbox Music’s online catalog. What do you think?

Source: Livesino via: The Verge

  • ZloiYuri

    But Xbox Music app don’t available for most WP users due to MS regional restrictions. One more candy only for chosen, others suck pebbles.

    • Wieland


      • ZloiYuri

        • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

          This is so irritating, Microsoft should break the regional lock, there are plenty of people who speak English everywhere, and I can use (for example) the American Bing and all their services as easily in the Philippines as I can in the Netherlands, yet it’s ”U.S. Only”, just as anyone who uses Whoretana outside of America has no trouble with using ”her”…

          • ZloiYuri

            “Her” in Russian mean “Dick”)))

        • Wieland

          Are there 2 different music apps for windows phone 8? i thought xbox music is the media app for everything in WP8. or is it just the service thats not availabe?
          Or are you using WP 8.1?

          • ZloiYuri

            No, it’s regional blocked apps due to MS restrictions.

          • Wieland

            you can not listen to your own (!) music, transferred to the phone via usb with the standard music player app of windows phone? i can not believe this. i dont mean the offline music option given by xbox music, but only your plain own music you are listening on your pc or laptop too,

          • ZloiYuri

            There is embedded Music app, it differs a lot. And can listen my music without troubles (if crappy app isn’t a problem))) But Xbox music app is blocked for installation. So I can’t use it as player for my music.

        • Bharat Arimilli

          As much as I despise geographic restrictions, as I’ve lived abroad for quite a period, there’s always some underlying reason relating to copyright law and licensing restrictions that forces this to happen. Sadly Microsoft doesn’t have the same leverage over the music industry that Apple happens to wield with iTunes.

          • ZloiYuri

            Aside it seems so but it’s not. I will explain. Nokia MixRadio and Microsoft Xbox Music services are the same things and provided by one third party company. So Nokia’s service works EVERYWHERE, but Xbox – not. Everything depends jus Microsoft goodwill. But there is no it. That’s why I shaming weird racist politics of Microsoft.

          • Bharat Arimilli

            Let’s not go as far as calling them racist, even if that was a joke. But assuming what you say is true, it’s quite puzzling to see why Microsoft would limit Xbox Music geographically like this. What reason would they have to do so and what are they gaining? It’s just counterintuitive, they’re just limiting the target user base of their service.

          • ZloiYuri

            Yes, that’s the question. I think it’s just because they just don’t care other world

          • Bharat Arimilli

            To be honest, I don’t know about that. I honestly do find it annoying when people complain that the US gets all the great Windows Phone features first (like Cortana), because Microsoft is an American company and making their new services work for their own country first just makes sense. I don’t think it’s the fact that they don’t care about the rest of the world because Xbox Music is available in more than 10 countries now, there must be some real underlying reason.

          • ZloiYuri

            Oh, c’mon, you are so innocent))) Yes, they are don’t care. I discussed some MS employees about this issue. ALL of them aggressively denying our rights for open MS services, just without reason. It’s seems to be a madness but it’s true!!! They says we don’t need it meaning we are not so high level human to adopt it. Really!!! And yes, they are thinking ALL they’ve done is right and we just have to be glad they let to use WP at all. I write it and hardly believe to myself, but yes, they are all thinking this way.

  • Simon Paul

    Been waiting for this! It’s really been the only thing frustrating me about Xbox Music. Everything else they’ve done a great job of improving over the past year.

  • redtidal

    About time. I think I can put my Bing reward points into good use now.

    Although I am still pretty disappointed when XBox music couldn’t play music off NAS drives, like Zune could.

    Will I be able to use this when I travel aboard?

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      You could request this at the Xbox Music UserVoice. 😉

  • k00ksta

    Still requires an XBOX Music pass to match and play our own music on other devices .. why apple doesn’t cost anything to match your music and provide it via streams to other devices is a better option no?

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      Even Scroogle allows you to stream ”extra” music now for Free…

    • Nathan Novak

      I get my music from the cloud just fine without a Xbox music pass… Hmmm… Guess you should learn how to use Xbox music. Win win here 1 you learn how to get your music 2 you do less ignorant complaints!

      • k00ksta

        I know you own a windows phone looking at your other posts so for you not to know that this does nothing for you on your phone is odd .. because this crap only works across my surface which has no LTE and my PC. My Windows Phone and my Xbox One it doesn’t do anything for .. Thanks for the awesome response and failing to see what the competition is and has been already doing. I am a whole hearted supporter of Microsoft always have been and always will be. So when I ask a QUESTION don’t sit back and attack people because it had the word APPLE in it.

  • robertwade

    Well, I’ve kept my music library in the Music folder under OneDrive from the beginning and Xbox Music doesn’t see it.

    • Bugbog

      What did you name it? I just checked my [desktop] OneDrive and a Music folder has appeared there.

      It may well be that they are still putting in the coding and haven’t yet enabled it fully.

      • robertwade

        I think I didn’t make myself clear. Since the beginning, my music library has always been in a Music folder on the SkyDrive/OneDrive. I’ve always been able to bring up the SkyDrive/OneDrive app on the phone or other device and navigate to various albums there an play INDIVIDUAL songs. But Xbox Music has never recognized songs that weren’t either in the Microsoft Store or actually loaded onto my device. And while it may be that they are planning on altering OneDrive to have a new category of folder for Music (currently the only categories for your OneDrive folders are Documents or Photos), it apparently isn’t ready yet. Xbox Music still only sees items it can stream from the Store or items I have actually loaded onto my device.

  • Kaino

    If i have to pay for Xbox Music monthly for the ‘privilege’ of streaming my own Music…no thanks.

    Buying a Windows Phone should get you the Service for free. They need to sweeten the deal a bit more.

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      Exactly, while they DO sweeten the deal for Nokia X Android-users. (>_<)

    • NGM123

      Agreed. Add to that I’ve a paid XBox Gold account as well as a WP, that should get me access in my opinion but they still want more for a basic service.
      I’m not paying more money, no Cortana, no Bing rewards, region locked apps, being treated like a turd for living outside the US.
      How does get fked sound instead MS ?

  • PoohGQ

    I have my Lumia 925 running WP 8.1 & it shows all my music from my desktop PC but it’s always marked as unavailable as I have no subscription to Xbox Music Pass. I don’t see how this is going to help me by moving it to the OneDrive Music folder apart from taking up double space.
    Oh and my Music folder is close to 100GB which means it will take up more than 3/4 of current available space on my OneDrive account.

  • JesperJuel

    This makes a lot of sense to me. Of course, I would have to buy more Onedrive space, but that is most like the plan all a long.

  • Joel de Bruijn

    For those using Windows as their OS AND having a OneDrive for Business account(!) MINUS using the Onedrive for Business sync client:

    – In Internet Explorer browse your to your OneDrive.
    – Open the ribbon “Library”
    – Search for “Open in Explorer”
    – Copy network path (something like https://[insert tenant name][insert account name]/ etc
    – In Explorer choose “Add network share”
    – Paste network path and assign driveletter
    – Start a mp3 player capable of playing whole folders (i use 1-by-1 player)
    – Browse your onedrive library for the music folder.
    – Play!

    It streams without hickups in my case.

    Use Case: having more mp3’s than suitable for offline sync with the client but less than your onedrive quota…
    I’m aware of the “… for business” caveat …

  • jc_mcewen

    My Xbox (which I never use) is in my living room inside my house. Where am I when I want to listen to my music? Just about everywhere else other than my living room. Come on. Lame.