Microsoft To Control The Windows 8 Tablet Hardware Process Just As Windows Phones

Acer’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer J.T. Wang said to Bloomberg that Microsoft is controlling the hardware process of the upcoming Windows 8 based tablets. He also added that its very troublesome for the hardware makers. I think Microsoft’s strategy is to control the fragmentation among the tablet makers to ensure consistent Windows experience among the devices just as they did it with Windows Phones. According to me, specifying minimum requirements, platform, etc, won’t be a major concern for OEM’s. Lets see how that goes as Windows President Steven Sinofsky is scheduled to demo Windows 8 at the All Things D conference this week.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Yasir Alam

    This is good news. Hopefully the minimum specs will be there, and very solid, but still be flexible enough to get some awesome diversity out there…

  • Anonymous

    I agree with MS on this one. They should control that experience to give it good compatibility with not only WP7 and its apps/market but also so the UI is consistent.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely a good move.  You don’t want OEM’s putting out cheap products with poor performance.  This will give consumers a bad experience, and assume (like with PC’s) because that one is bad, they are all bad and should seek pasture elsewhere (like Apple, who doesn’t have any ‘low end’ computing devices).  

    Those low end devices from OEM’s are a large part of what gives MS a bad name.