Microsoft To Cut WinRT Price For OEMs

Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft is planning on cutting the price of WinRT for small-sized (8 inch) tablets.  Microsoft originally restricted which OEMs would be allowed to produce WinRT tablets, but now Microsoft is looking to expand the number of OEMs producing WinRT tablets.  With more flexibility and cheaper WinRT software the OEMs will have a greater ability to compete against Android tablets and the iPad mini.

It remains to be seen if the OEMs want to create a compelling WinRT tablet and will put the marketing muscle behind it to sell.  The SurfaceRT remains the most successful WinRT tablet, and an 8 inch version is expected to be unveiled later this month.  With Intel’s introduction of Haswell and a refreshed Atom processor, the problem of battery life is diminishing.  However, WinRT tablets will be cheaper and may be a compelling buy for consumers who do not need legacy software.


  • koenshaku

    RT did one thing right got intel off their asses to bring out power efficient devices. I think it may be time to lay it to rest now..

    • David

      Maybe just for watching video, checking email, and playing simple games… Other thant that there is nothing come even close to power of Intel CPUs and nothing can replace it!

    • Bugbog

      No way! I don’t wish to be consigned to the power of “Atom!”

      Netbooks, as a concept, weren’t really bad, unfortunately once Intel got their hooks in and started dictating the terms by which they were marketed, that foretold the downfall of the category!

      Intel, as a company, abhors freefall innovation, wherein ideas/products leapfrog in development! They’d rather prefer micro adjustments to a stable, plateaued product line. Which ultimately proved the netbooks downfall, as since there were no innovations during it’s three year reign, consumers immediately jumped ship once something better came along!

      I’m not saying that current, or upcoming Intel chips are bad per se, what I’m saying is that it would be a mistake to clamour for RT to be mothballed just because Intel is getting “good enough” now.

      Otherwise the mistakes of the past will be set to be repeated!

  • cybersaurusrex

    I think the plan for RT is to eventually power Windows Phones… possibly by Windows 9. The UI will still look like Windows Phone… but the OS will be Windows RT. That’s what I suspect anyway.

  • omar

    Salamu alaikum suril!

    • surilamin

      Wa ‘alaikum salaam omar!

  • jimski27

    Push out some 8″ RT tablets for $199, or less, and you have a marketing tool. Preview to full blown Win 8. Helps people to assimilate for cheap. Who needs legacy apps running on an 8″ tablet anyway. Not me.