Microsoft To Discontinue AutoRoute, Streets & Trips And MapPoint Mapping Products

Microsoft has announced their plans to discontinue all of their offline mapping software products in favor of Bing Maps. It includes Microsoft AutoRoute, Microsoft Streets & Trips and Microsoft MapPoint. Since all these are traditional software products, the retirement of these products will not affect software already installed. Current users may continue to use Microsoft AutoRoute, Microsoft Streets & Trips and Microsoft MapPoint to plan their travel adventures and Microsoft will provide online support until at least July 2015.

“The success of these products would never had happened were it not for the loyal and supportive fans who purchased the product and its various iterations over the years,” shares Larry Petersen, test lead for Microsoft Streets & Trips. “Speaking at RV rallies over the years, I’ve loved hearing about our avid customers’ experiences using the software to plan and enjoy road trips across North America. The feedback and enthusiasm from our users have helped make Microsoft travel planning software a leading solution for nearly twenty years.”

Microsoft is now recommending everyone to check out online or via their PC and Windows Phone 8.1 by downloading the Bing Maps app.

If you are not aware of these products from Microsoft, read about them below,

Streets & Trips 2013:

Find adventure on the open road with Microsoft Streets & Trips. With the #1 best-selling travel and map software, explore new places, generate maps and directions, add your own contacts and points of interest, and even get spoken directions-all without an Internet connection. Let Streets & Trips help you find the adventure—not get lost finding it.

  • Updated look and more than 2.5 million points of interest including national parks, casinos, hotels, campgrounds, and so much more..
  • Change your plans on the go, with no Internet connection—choose specific roads by dragging and dropping the route.
  • Updated maps of the United States and Canada include over 150,000 new miles of roads.
  • Personalize your maps by adding notes for planned stops, reservation details, phone numbers, and more.
  • Find your way easily with detailed, turn-by-turn directions and an easy-to-read night map.
  • Download free construction updates and easily drag-and-drop your route to bypass delays.

You can order it from Microsoft Store here.

AutoRoute Euro 2013:

AutoRoute 2013 includes updated maps of Europe with more than 3 million points of interest and over 9 million kilometers of navigable roads. Spend more time enjoying the adventure and less time trying to find your way to it.

  • Updated maps for Eastern and Western Europe: 37 countries covered with 9 million kilometers of navigable roads and motorways
  • Routes and directions can be changed on-the-go—no Internet access required
  • Choose roads to use on your trip just by dragging and dropping the route
  • Includes more than 3 million points of interest including national parks, casinos, hotels, pubs, campgrounds, fuel stops, and much more
  • Flexible trip-planning options like custom start times, driving speeds, and rest breaks
  • Share trip details such as route information with friends and family

You can order it from Microsoft Store here.

MapPoint 2013 North American Maps:

Microsoft MapPoint 2013 is powerful mapping software that makes it easy to combine business data with mapping and location. Using MapPoint, you can turn complex business information stored in spreadsheets and data tables into easy-to-understand maps. Use MapPoint with your compatible GPS locator to add real-time routing and directions.

  • Updated maps of the United States and Canada, new look, and 2.5 million points of interest
  • Create sales territories and share performance maps to clearly visualize, analyze, and communicate performance
  • Include pushpin images from previous versions of MapPoint
  • Combine business data with demographics to find and target potential customers, and focus your business decisions
  • Insert maps into the work you do in Microsoft Office, and build custom solutions and Office add-ins

You can order it from Microsoft Store here.

via: Neowin

  • jimski27

    Well that sucks. Been using Streets and Trips for ages. I use Bing Maps for Win 8.1 everyday, and never noticed; points of interest, route planner, printed directions, trip cost, alternative routes, etc. Am I missing something?

  • kcmatt

    I just saw this yesterday, as I was thinking of buying it for my Surface Pro. Was amazed that the Surfaces (not even Surface Pro 3) do not have GPS built-in, so I bought a Bluetooth GPS unit. Then I realized that Windows 8 doesn’t use traditional NMEA data from GPS, but location services from the WiFi signal. This is not precise enough for navigation, plus my mobile hotspot sometimes shows my location being halfway across the country.
    Bing Maps app and any online navigation won’t use the GPS data, and they don’t give the option to select this. I’m still looking for a workaround through some third party program, but I thought those days were over.
    Big opportunity for a Windows 8 navigation app that allows the selection of NMEA data through a COM port, rather than the default ‘location services.’

  • Johan Spånberg


  • Lego KingsCastle

    Microsoft need a decent native mapping ap for their computers all of the above products are better than bing maps

  • Michael Stewart

    I’ve been using the Badger Maps as an alternative to Streets&Trips and is perfect. If you are in sales, you should give it a try

  • Robert

    I work in the Telecommunications industry, upgrading and building dell phone towers, and Streets and Trips is the industry standard. No matter what company you work with, they all use streets and trips. For safety all companies will use the find nearby places to print out the local hospital, they use it to find the nearest hotel, it’s 100% GPS compatible so that when you’re in the middle of nowhere on the way to a tower that’s down and there is no cell phone signal you can still find your way. All of the companies use the feature that allows you to add pins so enabling everybody within to company to know where all of the local towers are located at a glance, along with being able to import all relevant data associated with that pin. Losing Streets and Trips is going to cause will become an issue because all of the cell phone providers know that this one program enables them to quickly send out updated data files and every company out there is working on the same standard and can quickly updated their maps. It’s sad that Microsoft is willing to cut off an entire industry.

  • Leo Sauermann

    There is an alteranative to AutoRoute/Streets&Trips, check out portatour.

    For professional users who need to plan routes to many customers, it automatically calculates the shortest route and optimizes the visits.

    Here a comparison between AutoRoute and portatour:

  • Richard b

    Typical short sightedness bs. What if one needs a map but does not have a internet connection?

  • Paul

    Makes sense. But too bad MS wasn’t able to buy HERE maps off Nokia.

  • Jen Stewart

    MapPoint was just uninstalled from my system, which has been a real hassle. If anyone else has had this problem, I suggest going to – I found Badger maps on there which has been a great alternative.

  • msniff1623

    I’ve been using Map My Customers as an alternative to Streets&Trips. It is on web, iphone, iPad and is fast, simple. Give it a try as well.