Microsoft To Expand $99 Subsidized Xbox Program To 250GB Models

Few months ago, Microsoft announced the subsidized Xbox 360 4GB console for $99 with two year subscription to Xbox Live Gold service at $14.99 a month. Microsoft is now planning to expand that program to Xbox 360 250GB model for $99 and Xbox 360 250GB with Kinect for $149 price. There is no way to buy this at this new price right now, but you can expect it from retailers this holiday season. Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft Stores, Walmart and Toys R Us will be selling these subsidized devices.


  • nrg601

    why would you pay 460.00 – 510.00 for an xbox 360 when the new console will be out in a year? when you could buy the the xbox360 for 199.00 and 2 years of gold for 99.99 bringing it to a total of 299.00.