Microsoft To Monetize Free Xbox Music Streaming Through Audio Ads From TargetSpot

Microsoft will be monetizing the free Xbox music streaming platform by playing audio advertisements powered by TargetSpot.  These ads will be played in Xbox 360 consoles, Windows 8/Windows RT tablets and Windows 8 PCs and smartphones.




The ads which will be played are very much relevant to the listeners’ choice and will help monetize the free music streaming platform to a considerable extent.

The free Xbox streaming service which has over 18million songs is now available in almost 15 countries will be a complete monetization solution for Microsoft’s music content, reported TNW

As a trial offer, an one month Xbox music pass is available for free whereas to have a subscription users have to pay a measly sum of $99.99 per year.

Source : TNW

  • J A

    The audio-ads are already here in Xbox Music.

  • PoohGQ

    Audio ads were already on Xbox Music on Windows 8/RT. I don’t know about Xbox though..
    Does this mean that all Windows Phones (7 & 8) will finally get free streaming??? I enjoy Nokia Music right now for free on my Nokia Lumia 710..

  • Tirinti

    Milions wants to buy music pass, but stupid Balmer refuses to sell tchem. He prefers to sell in US wher people hate Microsoft but not in Poland where people love Microsoft and Windows Phone is more popular than IOS.

    • Kévin Rapaille

      Actually it isn’t that simple :( The problem is all the legal system when you want to diffuse music. It’s different in each countries and they have to find an agreement for each of them.

      • Zeehunter

        Nokia already caters to more markets than MS .. And Nokia is much smaller than MS . Recently launched Nokia Music+ is available in much more markets than Xbox Music .. Here in India , WinPho sells much more than iPhone , still MS gives us shit even though many people are willing to pay for Xbox Music