Microsoft To Offer Cheap Windows 8 Upgrade Program

Image Credit: CNET

Microsoft will usually announce cheap upgrade programs when they are about to release a major release to their software. It will keep the consumer buying spree afloat before the major wave of new products. According to ZDNet, Microsoft will announce an upgrade program for Windows 8 from June 2, 2012.

Microsoft will make the so-called “Windows 8 Offer” available to consumers buying a Windows 7 PC running Home Basic or higher, allowing them to obtain Windows 8 Pro once Windows 8 is available. The Windows 8 Pro SKU is for tech enthusiasts and business/technical professionals, and includes encryption, virtualization, PC management and domain connectivity, as well as support for a separately priced Media Pack for Windows Media Center.

Paul from Winsupersite  has added a info to the above that the price for the upgrade will be $14.99. Pretty neat offer!

Are you waiting for Windows 8 PCs ??

Read more on it at Cnet.


  • Anonymous
  • Fabius Engel

    The Upgrade from Vista to 7 was for free…

    sorry for bad english, from germany 😀

  • Anonymous

    What about us folks running the consumer preview since day one?

    • EShy

      did you buy it? are you expecting to get a free upgrade without buying the previous version?

      You can always buy a key and just upgrade you install

  • EShy

    It’s not a pretty neat offer. There’s always an upgrade window. If you buy a product and a brand new version is released shortly after, you get the upgrade for free. It’s a standard practice. Without it, I might as well wait for the next version to be released