Microsoft To Offer Extra 8 GB Of Free Storage To OneDrive Users If They Setup Their Accounts With PC Sync And More



Last month, Microsoft announced the re-branding of SkyDrive to OneDrive. Microsoft is yet to start with the usage of the new name in general public and they are planning to launch it with a marketing campaign. LiveSide today revealed that Microsoft is planning to offer up to 8GB free storage to OneDrive users if they complete certain tasks. For example, users will be able to earn 3 GB of extra storage by simply choosing to sync photos from their camera roll to OneDrive using the OneDrive app for iOS, Android, or the built-in Windows Phone function. Users can also earn up to 5GB of free storage on referring their friends to OneDrive.

Referral bonus – Users will be able to earn up to a maximum of 5 GB of extra storage by referring their friends to join OneDrive. For every friend you invite and actually joins OneDrive, both you and your friend will get an extra 500 MB of storage. You can only refer up to 10 friends for this offer.

OneDrive referal bonus


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  • Umashankar Rathod

    Im already syncing my photos from my 1520 from day 1, so will i get this extra gb..

    • 5Lk9m2Q7NR

      Well, hope so, otherwise it is really stupid.

    • BeefNeeg

      Hotrod! Yeah power man!

      • ZloiYuri

        With extra 3Gb…

  • BeefNeeg

    I have 407 GB storage, and they wont give me any more bonuses. Bastardos. I got lots of porn on there if y’all wanna share it up?

    • ZloiYuri

      Better lose ur
      virginity first

      • BeefNeeg

        I will bring suffering!

        • ZloiYuri

          You will deny my invitation and I’ll can’t get extra 0.5 OneDrive Gbs? :’-[

      • Nham Thien Duong

        Please stop virgin-shaming, a man is not less a man if he’s a virgin, such behaviour should have no place on such a moral site as this one.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      I have the same (though 500 G.B.), my solution would be to use Tencent’s Cloud service which has 100 T.B. you could store days of non-stop porn video’s on it, though it won’t integrate with Windows Phone for automatic uploads… :-

  • blackhawk556

    Available now?? I missed this part.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    I haven’t seen this anywhere yet, also I have Windows 8.1 (Blue) so it’s automatic on my P.C. and I can’t install it as I could on Windows 7 and Windows 8… ¿will I still get the extra space? :-/