Microsoft To Offer Surface RT (32GB) For Just $199 USD To Schools And Universities

Microsoft Surface RT Limited Offer

Microsoft is planning to offer Surface RT 32GB tablet for just $199 for schools and universities. Microsoft is planning to make this announcement official later this month and the offer details got leaked today.

Microsoft is pleased to offer special pricing on Surface RT directly to schools and universities for a limited time between June 17, 2013 and August 31, 2013.
Our mission in education is to help schools and universities, students and educators realize their full potential. One way we do this is by offering software, hardware and services at affordable prices to education institutions. Surface RT
is a terrific tool for teaching and learning and we want students and educators to have the best technology on the market today.

There are three SKUs available to make use of.

  • Surface RT (32GB) – $199 USD (Estimated Retail Price is $499)
  • Surface RT (32GB) with Touch Keyboard Cover – $249 USD (Estimated Retail Price is $599)
  • Surface RT (32GB) with Type Keyboard Cover – $289 USD (Estimated Retail Price is $629)

Read more about it here.

  • jimmyz

    Why not offer this to students as well? I would buy one and so would a lot of other students..

    • Orc

      It is.

      • jimmyz

        I know i just saw that my bad…

  • Max

    “we want students and educators to have the best technology on the market today”

    it is also for students

  • phoenix0_4

    “later this month”? June 17 was yesterday…

  • Quyen Chau

    So we have to fill out the form in order to buy it?

  • soder

    Ahh.. the good old drug-dealer approach.. sell it to children cheap, and if they become addicted, lets start milking their parents.

    • Bugbog

      Hey. At least this “works” better!” :)

      And if it doesn’t ‘work’, well then, they won’t be coming back, will they?

    • NGM123

      Android anyone?

  • Truthhz

    Hmm. Does this mean new Surface Tablets are coming in September?

    • meng zinong


  • Mike365

    This offer is good from June 17th, 2013 through August 31st, 2013 and ”only to schools and institutions via Microsoft direct sales” in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China (via Digital China), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

  • Bugbog

    At least, now, it can’t be said that it wasn’t priced right for them?!

  • NGM123

    Great offer, wish I could get one. Makes you wonder tho if they don’t have tons of inventory lying around, great way of getting some product traction tho.
    MS doing a google/android, go MS

  • Windows 8

    Schools and Universities, which are only in USA for now, the whole world is now behind a curtain for MS.

    I mean we are true users too, we also have schools and markets where fruit products are sold.. !!

    Please MS get your act together and reach out to the world !
    I am getting rather impatient now as even RT hasn’t been released in India by now !
    then they must be doing something wrong, isn’t it?

    despite us waiting ever since the launch of that.