Microsoft To Partner With Comcast And Verizon FiOS For Xbox TV Content??


Microsoft first announced its plans for Xbox TV service back at CES while hiding most of the details. Microsoft continued to spread the fact that TV service is coming to Xbox this fall whenever it found chances. Now According to sources of Digiday, Microsoft is set to partner with Comcast and Verizon, perhaps within a month so as to push Xbox holiday sales. Consumers can subscribe to Comcast or FiOS TV packages directly through Xbox instead of buying or installing another set-top box. Microsoft already has similar deal with AT&T U-Verse, so this rumored Verizon & Comcast deal may be imminent. Anyway, Xbox users are the winners.

  • Shaun Sommer

    but what if comcast or verizon don’t have TV service in your area?? is it an online thing?? hmmmm

  • J A

    Well, they should partner with as much prviders as possible such as RCN, etc.

  • WixosTrix

    This is going to be interesting.

  • Saso

    I really “LOVE” that you’re double posting everything on both websites. What’s even better is that on Twitter, you post links to WMPowerUser, which then re-links to this site.

    Solution? Unfollow…

  • Anonymous

    aww…crap. Comcast is sucks hard (never going back to them) and Verizon can’t seem to run a damn fiber optic line to my neighborhood…but they’ll sure paper me with FIOS brochures. oh well…i was looking forward to this.