Microsoft To Produce Original Content Including Scripted Comedy, Reality Shows And More For Xbox LIVE

Microsoft is planning to create original content for its growing 40 million Xbox LIVE customers. Microsoft is setting up a TV studio in Los Angeles that will create original programming for Xbox. Microsoft is planning to produce all forms of content for every member of the family like live events, reality, game shows, documentaries and scripted comedy or drama.

According to Nancy Tellem of Microsoft, Microsoft and Xbox are in a unique position with a technology that allows you to deliver multi-platform programming.

 The technology is there, not only for the audience that just wants to watch passively, but also for those who want to engage the content more, whether by mobile, tablet or on TV.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

  • Zicoz

    This is great, I just hope they have the brains to contact people like Doug Walker and James Rolfe.

    Not to mention that they really should buy as well as for indie stuff.

  • Drewidian

    Personally, I’m hoping that the next XBox integrates all of their video services (Including a live TV guide) with support for the service distributors so I only have one interface to access all of my content. I like what they are doing with the current XBox and the apps that are supported, but I want to have my live cable services streamed to my system and be able to access those services anywhere even if I’m mobile. Becoming a content creator just makes it better.

  • CX1

    I wish they would merge Xbox interface with Windows Media Center and be done with it.

  • Ef Jay

    And none of this content will be accessible by one part of the Microsoft ecosystem, Windows Phone. And they will probably only address that years after the competition has added that functionality. Its unbelievable how MS is missing obvious ways to better compete with google and apple.

  • Zicoz

    And imagine if they could continue from where they left off With Halo 4: FUD and pump out great Movies based on games.

  • frankwick

    couldn’t be any worse than what’s on TLC these days. Honey BooBoo, Sisterhood, Best Funeral Ever.

  • Frostie

    I really like that Alan Wake stuff they did.

  • VHMP01

    Kinnect ‘R2 Studio Home Automation’ ready Content!