Microsoft To Pull Out Of CES, CES 2012 Will Be The Last Presence

Microsoft today announced that it won’t be presenting at CES from this year. Microsoft has a long tradition of having big presence at Consumer Electronics show. Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman had a tradition of pre-show keynote at CES every year until he left his full time job at Microsoft. Steve Ballmer continues Bill’s tradition for past couple of years. Now since Microsoft has decided to pull out of CES, we should wait till next year to see what Microsoft will be doing for showcasing its products and annoucements.

From Microsoft’s blog post,

After thinking about questions like these, we have decided that this coming January will be our last keynote presentation and booth at CES. We’ll continue to participate in CES as a great place to connect with partners and customers across the PC, phone and entertainment industries, but we won’t have a keynote or booth after this year because our product news milestones generally don’t align with the show’s January timing.

As we look at all of the new ways we tell our consumer stories – from product momentum disclosures, to exciting events like our Big Windows Phone, to a range of consumer connection points like Facebook, Twitter, and our retail stores – it feels like the right time to make this transition.

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  • the person

    So E3 wins.  No surprise since it is closer to Christmas and it is easier to keep the hype machine going for 6 months instead of 12.

    • Anonymous

      Well the reason from M$ makes sense from their business reason given, but I still feel weird about this. Since CES is so popular, wouldn’t you want to manage your milestones around events like this to position yourself more effectively from a marketing perspective?  I do agree it’s easier to keep the hype machine for 6 months than 12 months.  But which is more popular? CES or E3?   I guess that matters to?

      • Anonymous

        Is CES really that popular though?  Personally, I had a lot more anticipation for BUILD than I did for CES.  These days its the announcements that people care about, not when/where they announce it.  Especially consider that tech bloggers claim MS is “late” on the Win8 beta all because it won’t be introduced in time for CES.  MS is right to say “screw that” and leave CES and just hold their own events when they are ready to announce something.

  • TroyGates

    CES just hasn’t been the same since Bill stopped giving the keynote. I always attended just for that. There was something special about seeing Bill talk live and show his enthusiasm for technology.

    Everything is always on the Internet almost immediately after its announced.

  • Anonymous

    This is why Microsoft has missed trends and failed in the mobile space, because of stupid decisions like this. It’s why they will continue to fail until they fire Ballmer, or at least pull their head out of their ass. I don’t give a damn if CES doesn’t align with your priorities. It’s one of, if not the biggest electronics show for consumers. If you want to succeed in the consumer business, you show up to this show and promote your wares.

    Bunch of idiots run this company.

    • Anonymous

      You’re so right, because a lack of presence at CES has proven to be really detrimental to Apple’s success. This doesn’t change anything. Microsoft can do much more than they are doing right now with better marketing. And if they build up a hype around the CES period about an upcoming event, everyone will be focused on them, even at CES, despite their absence.

      • macsbacer

        Well actually Apples market share has at best stalled and shown signs of contraction. Android devices at CES tend to do well and we see what that platform is doing.