Microsoft To Release Xbox One Media Remote In March

Xbox One Media Remote pre-order

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the new Xbox One Stereo Headset and Stereo Headset Adapter accessories for Xbox One. According to Amazon Canada’s listing, Microsoft is also planning to release Xbox One Media Remote accessory in March. It will cost around $25USD and will ship on March 4th. As you can see in the image above, Xbox One Media Remote looks simple with minimal design with essential control buttons. You also have a button to switch between apps in Xbox One with Xbox One logo on its top.

You can control Xbox One using various ways including Xbox One controller, through voice and gestures via Kinect and Xbox One Smartglass apps.

Source: (Google Cache)  via: Engadget

  • Nham Thien Duong

    The whole problem with boxes as the Xbox One is that they just introduce more remote-controls, Microsoft is not differentiating itself from the rest, they are conforming, I expected Microsoft to stand out and make the ”one device to rule them all”, but this remote seems like it’s even lesser than the most, it doesn’t even have numbers on it, I know that the Xbox One has a unique user-interface different from the rest, but at this stage it can’t even compete with the Microsoft MediaRoom, which was something that should’ve been integrated, even Google Viber is beating them in the space of D.V.R./TiVo and various other ” of this’ T.V. Functions”, but Microsoft has neither got the T.V. and entertainment people nor the Gamers, though it’s still the superior console, I do hope that Microsoft will introduce more T.V.-related features to the Xbox One, and I was expecting voice controls to completely replace the need for hardware like these.

  • ruzzy

    Shame you can hardly watch any media on it, my 360 is more useful! It cant stream over a network or even play off of USB. Simple tasks still missing, the xbox one was rushed out with incomplete software – “One” media device my ass

  • jimski27

    Looking forward to this. Miss my 360 remote. This is only for simple screen navigation, replacing gestures, that Kinect, along with any/every other gesture device still can’t do as fast as my fingertip on a button. For selecting, my voice works quite well on my XBO. I can stream anything I want from any connected PC or my phone. I say XBox On when I walk in the door and my TV, DVR and SurroundSound all turn on. I only need one remote now.