Microsoft To Reveal Windows.Next At Computex And D9 Today

Within 24 hours of time, Microsoft is going to talk in detail on At CES, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8 will run on ARM based chips and demoed Office 2010 running on over ARM based chip. Windows division President Steven Sinofsky will be on stage at the D9 conference today scheduled at 3:15PM PT (6:15PM ET) to talk on He may reveal the new tablet UI and some upcoming features. Just after this event, few hours later Microsoft will organise a partner preview event where Steve Guggenheimer from Microsoft will address the OEM partners on the upcoming version of Windows at 10.00PM ET.

  • Anonymous

    Can we see any of this live ?

  • Todor Tsvetkov

    Go MS GO !

  • Jimmy Fallon

    This better be good. My prediction: a Kinect interface for pinch to zoom. Although since it didnt’ leak I’m guessing it will not be featured. Also predict thin, light removable keyboards and stylus interface when needed.