Microsoft To Reveal Windows On Devices Platform Tomorrow, Joining Internet Of Things Trend

Windows on devices

Microsoft has got lots of new things to announce at BUILD developer conference happening tomorrow at San Francisco. One of the cool things will be Microsoft’s new effort into the Internet of Things trend. Windows on Devices will enable developers to write apps for all kind of electronic items. Developers can build a smart coffee mug, talking bear, robots, etc, based on this platform. Intel’s Galileo platform will act as developmental hardware. There is also a detailed session on this one.

Windows and the Internet of Things – Connected, smart devices have become pervasive. These “Things” already outnumber more traditional computing devices and are set to surpass the 100 billion devices mark within a few short years. In this session you’ll learn about how technologies such as Windows Embedded, .NET Micro Framework, and Azure can be used to build cool devices and intelligent systems.

Engadget also reports some demos Microsoft has planned for this announcement,

It looks like Microsoft’s planning a charm offensive on the maker community, with the site linking out to a Big-styled — presumably Microsoft-powered — floor keyboard as well as Maker Faire. The first SDK will appear soon, (by the end of Spring 2014) with additional releases through out the year. Microsoft says it’ll have a life-sized piano to show-off its Windows on Devices conceit and naturally, it reckons its cloud services will serve as the perfect online accompaniment.

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  • Patrick Decoster


    • Niels Bosch

      Has been delayed until 2015

      • Patrick Decoster

        I do not want to believe that.

  • Bugbog

    I thought for a moment Surur stated Microsoft was “..joining the effort” rather than undertaking “a new effort!”

    As with Many things, Microsoft has been there for such a while that no one seems to remember! 😀 They are currently pioneering support for 3D printing/Maker’s devices, yet, since it’s just Microsoft, it’s flying largely under the radar. I suppose we should just wait for one of the new Internet darlings to purchase to some small 3D printing company so as to ignite the Media/world on the benefits.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Yep, in a way Scroogle is like I.B.M. or as Microsoft puts it ”innovation through acquisition”, Microsoft has been in the business for years, and uses both their own teams, and teams from companies they’ve bought, Scroogle simply buys ”big players” in niche markets and tries to integrate their services and advertisements into it. Microsoft also does that, but not ”the big players” usually ”the small players” or ”(past-/FORMER0-)Buig Playaz” (see: Nokia, Danger HipTop, M.S.N. T.V. Etc.,.) Microsoft created M.S.N. Direct for SmartWatches, created the SmartBra and was one of the first to innovate with internet on gaming consoles (see the S.E.G.A. Dreamcast and Xbox LIVE), yet these things go largely unsung, while if other companies do it people call them ”innovative” even if Microsoft has done it for years.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Personally I hope to see Windows C.E. and Windows N.T. become one, as Windows N.T. can finally work with A.R.M. architecture, and creating an even smaller and stripped down variant of Windows N.T. to become Windows Embedded and Windows Embedded Compact (Windows C.E.) will create full app compatibility with Windows and Windows Phone, and (will) allow the device to ”talk to each other”.

    • CyberAngel

      MS goes Atom: Windows 11 Lite!!

  • NegLewis

    MS-DOS for ARM?

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