Microsoft To Start Profiling People At Microsoft On Its New Website

Microsoft People

We all know that Microsoft has some of the most brilliant minds in the industry working on its products. Microsoft is trying to showcase that via a new website that will profile people at Microsoft. Steve Clayton, the storyteller at Microsoft blogged about this website launch with the following message,

Microsoft is a curious collection of brilliant minds – many of whom you’ve never heard of and I’d like to change that. My role has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people and simple as it sounds, that’s what keeps me here – chance to work with people who come here every day to change the world.

Today, my team is launching a new site at that takes our profiles to another level. We’re starting with Andrew Kim, the acclaimed designer and owned of Minimally Minimal whose brave rebranding of Microsoft led him to a job on the Xbox team here in Seattle. Brad Anderson is our second profile – Corporate VP of our Cloud and Enterprise business as well as serial over achiever.

Get ready to know about all the amazing people at Microsoft every week!

via: Next at Microsoft

  • soder

    If I remember correctly, this year (in April) there was an anonymous MS employee who wrote a lenghty and insider post (with the title “I contribute to Windosws kernel” or something similar, google it), how developing new and creative ideas inside the company sucks, thanks to bureacratic internal processes and stupid employee performance mesaure metrics. In summary he/she said, brilliant minds may be found in big number inside the company, but they simply cannot show or not encouraged to show their true strength due to the above issues. And most of them leave after a couple of years, leaving their legacy (the not-finished code) completely unmaintable by not-so-brilliant leftovers. Thatswhy new technologies stay with old abandoned technoligies even in current windows versions: nobody is brave enough to continue the development of a previous genius, but they also cannot remove it as it has all kind of undiscovered dependencies, so its safer to carry the bloat even in current Win 8.x versions. Read the april post, it greatly shades this bright propaganda in this article.