Microsoft Tops Apple In Another Customer Satisfaction Study

Forrester Research Microsoft

Earlier this month, we ran a story titled Forrester Research: Microsoft Trumps Apple And Samsung In Consumer Mindshare in which we reported that Microsoft trumped both Samsung and Apple in the consumer mindshare survey. Here is an another report from Forrester Research, Microsoft passed Apple in a 2014 measurement of customer opinions of what it was like to deal with the company. In last year’s report, Microsoft was trailing behind Apple and now they have improved their scores to beat them.

The survey attempts to quantify the somewhat squishy and hard-to-define criteria of customer experience. Forrester assigns each company a customer-experience index score based on a survey of how 7,500 U.S. consumers responded to these three questions:

  1. How enjoyable were they to do business with?
  2. How easy were they to do business with?
  3. How effective were they at meeting your needs?

How was your experience with Microsoft in the past year? Did you notice any improvements?

Source: WSJ

  • Jabadum

    Nice job Sony. Hope we’ll see some great Vaio phones soon

  • ZappyKins

    Wow, major comebacks for Microsoft and Samsung.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Apple has lousy consumer satisfaction, at-least if you’d walk into any Mac-store, the sellers there are arrogant, if you don’t wear ”fashionable clothes” they’ll give you weird looks and say that you couldn’t afford their products if you worked your entire life.