Microsoft Tweaks Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon To Look More Metro

As we are enjoying the Windows 8 Consumer Preview loaded with lots of new features, Microsoft is tweaking the look of the Windows Explorer Ribbon UI. The updated Ribbon UI in the recent builds of Windows 8 RC shows that Microsoft has made them flat to make it in line with Metro Design language. Also Winsupersite reports that there will be more changes in icons, menus, etc as Windows 8 development progresses. Hope Microsoft maintains the familiarity of classic Windows shell which is critical for their enterprise users.



Source: Win8china

  • rsgx

    I Like it.

    The metro interface is going to surprise a few people.

    • Adriel Dennis Mingo

      I feel that way too! I tire of telling the frenzied detractors that what they’re seeing now isn’t exactly final issue. 

  • Anonymous

    I want to applaud them but it just doesn’t look good. It’s a bit too simplistic for the desktop. If they really need to be simple make it like the tabs of windows media player 12 where there is a little roundness or at least better tab separation it’s so cluttered together you can’t even tell where the middle two tabs should end or begin. Anyway the ribbon is a cluttered mess onto it’s own slapping a metro interface will not save it at all. 

  • The Muffin Man

    “Hope Microsoft maintains the familiarity of classic Windows shell which is critical for their enterprise users.”

    Or, enterprise users could learn something new and pretend like they’re intelligent human beings who change with the times.

    • Anonymous

      If only I could “like” this a thousand times.

    • Anonymous

      I agree 100%!

    • Hsialin

      And why do you care if ppl like using classic? It doesnt affect YOUR use of windows.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like the new Windows 8 basic theme the most. It’s the most fluid one together with new Metro UI.

  • Cliff

    The ribbon sucks. Never liked it. Too small for touch and confusing as heck. Big Metro squares with drop-down menus is what’s needed in Win8. They need to do it now while they’re getting everyone on board with Metro. Don’t know how legacy apps will work but they can figure that out later. Metro all the way or nothing. Cheers :)