Microsoft Tweaks Windows 8 Start Screen UX Based On Feedback

Microsoft’s Windows 8 team has tweaked the Windows 8 Start screen UI and responded to many comments on the design decisions. Since the new Start screen is a huge change, it got lots of feedback from thousands of users across the world. Many expressed their comments on Building Windows 8 blog regarding the new design. And now Microsoft which has been listening to all these comments, has now responded by a huge, really huge blog post. The blog post runs over 9000 words with lots and lots of data. It details both new changes and reasons for certain designs. If you find 30 minutes or so, read through it. It’s a great blog post ! ! !

Source: Building Windows 8 Blog.

  • Sergey Durnov

    Good sign

  • Anonymous

    This is good, but it still won’t work well with a keyboard and mouse no matter how they try to tweak it. They need to keep the more traditional desktop, ideally with a Metro interface as the first thing you see when you boot the OS and then add the Start screen as an option.

    • Anonymous

      I have to disagree. The Metro start screen is a great “launch pad” to start whatever type of computing session you need to. In fact, the aggregation and display of information available on the Metro start screen  can actually help you decide what type of session you want to start.

      What they NEED to do is change the behavior of the “Start” button on the classic desktop.  It should behave that way it currently does in Windows 7, not return you to the Metro Start screen.

      This way you’re 1 click away from the traditional desktop & you  get to stay there until you decide you want go back to the Metro experience.

      • Anonymous

        Which is why I said the Start screen should be an option for whoever wants it, but people who do not want it, e.g. me and I’m guessing many other users, shouldn’t have to use it by default. Don’t get me wrong, I love the interface, I even have a Windows Phone, but I do not think it works well with a Keyboard and mouse, although that is just my opinion.

        • Anonymous

          Firstly, the “classic” start screen IS an option. MS allows you to completely disable Metro if you’d like.

          That said, I still feel it would be a mistake. Look at the first image I attached. There is a lot of usefull information that Metro can deliver in under 15 seconds (from a zero-power state). Think of how long it takes you now to boot into Windows 7, open several apps and pull the infor you’re looking for out of them.  How long would you boot take if you added all the apps to startup?

          If MS “fixes” the start button in classic desktop mode to something like the second image attached, with one click you get to go to the UI you prefer to use with mouse/kybd and stay there until/if you want to return to Metro.

          You also need to consider what devices will be like in the very near future. You won’t need a desktop “chained” to the wall by a power cord. Your tablet will be your desktop. It will dock, power larger monitors (while acting as a second), travel with you & maybe even make your phone calls. Both UIs will be in constant use, & as long as MS makes the transition between them seamless and controlled by the user, eliminate the need for multiple devices.

          • Anonymous

            I thought they said multiple times that you can’t disable metro even if you want too? I’ve read that only Active Directory can disable metro for business users.

          • Anonymous

            I thought I remembered hearing the phrase “disable Metro and you’ll never see it again” in one of the //Build videos.

            I’ll try to dig it up.

            But if you really feel the need to turn it off (or all the new features) there is a tool that will make the reg edits for you.


            I still feel you should give the Metro start screen a real chance before giving up on it.

            Again even if you just useit for the aggregation and display of information, its a great “info hub” to check before you go to classic desktop.

            Well in my opinion anyway.

          • Brandon Hussey

            you can disable it but it breaks thing and honestly it’s designed with the largest user base in mind. Power users are a small percent. I like the new interface I’ve been running it for over a week now and I flip back and forth between both styles of apps very quickly as if I’m switching desktops in linux but faster. Also people have to realize that it’s only a preview it’s not even a beta. The start menu isn’t finish you can watch their videos and see the features that use aren’t on the preview version and once the metro apps start rolling out we will be spending more time in the metro interface than the classic desktop.

  • jk

    It already works well with a keyboard and mouse.  It could use a little work but it is completely usable.  It’s just a bit different and takes a little getting used to.  People just can not handle change.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you could try summing it up?

    • Andrew Bares

      Yeah I agree, a summary would be great. It’s like your friend saying, “I read this great article, it was super long!”

      “Cool story bro”

  • Code Glory

    If we can get windows 8 to have the awesome terminal from MAC with its great fonts, I will consider switching..