Microsoft Under Antitrust Scrutiny In Spain


Spanish anti-competition commission announced today that it has opened an anti-trust probe on Microsoft that the company allegedly blocked the sale by third parties of personal computer software licenses.

The commission also added that the investigation and ruling must be completed within 18 months. Antitrust complaints are nothing new to Microsoft as it have faced number of cases in the past. Hope Microsoft clears this case.

Source: Marketwatch

  • David

    I think Spain need money. Their goverment doing crappy job with their economy and don’t have money so they wanna make some free money from Microsoft.

    Instead of stealing money from companies like Microsoft try to fix your economy so don’t need to act like this.

    Shame on you Spain!

    • Impartial

      Dude I grew up in Spain and it is unfair to put the whole country in the same pot. There are a lot of incredible people there, we just happen to have very bad luck with our polititians, who normally are really bad. So if you wanna have a go at someone, the Presidente, is your best choice to #1 incompetent in this planet.