Microsoft: Unleash The Potential Of The Internet Of Things Through Intelligent Systems Solutions (Video)

At Worldwide Partner Conference held last week, Microsoft highlighted their solutions on IoT platform. In fact, they even had a dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) session by Barb Edson, general manager of marketing for Cloud and Enterprise. This session is is available for viewing online,

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a futuristic trend. It’s here today, involving the “things” that are most valuable to your enterprise customers—the devices, sensors, data and services they depend on the most. In this session, you will understand how to unleash the full potential of the IoT by creating intelligent systems solutions, focused on your customer’s things, and gain valuable customer insights from partners already deploying these solutions.

Read more about it here.

  • NegLewis

    People still do not know what IoT really is. Even the ones that are building IoT devices/standards do not fully get it.
    IoT it’s not about Internet, it’s not about Things. It’s not about people … it’s about a new class of “citizens”, it’s about a parallel world that we are building to help us – we the people.
    It’s about gathering fast and real time info’s about the world we are living in.

    Imagine a person buying some T-Shirts. Each attached with a mini Sensor.
    Each time I wash it, it knows how long it takes to do so, when drying it, when I ware it, when I live it in the closet, of the shelf… it knows witch washing machine is in, if it’s dry, if it’s pressed… and it even has it’s own personal “Facebook” page where it’s sharing those info’s with ME.
    If I allow it it will share some infoss with the manufacturer to concentrate on that shirts that people actually ware. To fix problems…

    Same idea can be applied to any “sensor” / “object” / thing.
    Even to my pets… plants, house… electronics…

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