Microsoft unveils New York Times Square Store, may make it permanent

Midnight and first people leaving #Microsoftstore with #surface Still packed. Wow!  Thx!!!Lots of excitement in the #Microsoftstore Times Square

Last night Microsoft took the wrap of their New York Times Square store, in the presence of a large crowd who it seems could not wait to get their hands on some Windows RT Surface tablets.

The above pictures were snapped by Steven Sinofsky, who is seems was pretty excited about the event.

Neowin spoke to the staff there, and found that Microsoft may in fact keep the pop up store open after the holidays, depending on performance. The store does more than sell Surface tablets, also offering some laptops,  boxed copies of Windows 8, and will soon offer Windows Phone 8 handsets.

Click the pictures to see more of the excitement.

Windows 8 in Times Square NYC!!!Any minute now...8-7-6-5
3-2-1Awesome!!!"I'll take a stack of #surface" THANK YOU!!!
  • techieg

    Now true competition begins. This is where other OEMs have failed, they (OEMs) must have realized it now because none of their lousy hardware is generating this much buzz. This is what we have all been waiting for. Next, we will see the Surface user experience/excitement propel Windows Phone as well.

    • Tishawn Fahie

      I couldn’t have said it any better. Especially that keynote for the surface. They did an excellent job. Panos Panay was on point!

      • WixosTrix

        Yeah it was funny when they were showing off all the RT tablets. Complete silence but then when they got to the Surface, the crowd we wild, lol

    • Jimmy_Jangle


      Very well said sir, I doff my cap t’thee.

    • donzebe

      You said it all

    • mrdeezus

      While I agree with most of your post, MS has been in the hardware game. Xbox.

  • dan james

    erm, never really expected the ques to be like that!

  • erzhik

    If they don’t make it permanent, they are complete retards. This is a golden spot. Guaranteed non-stop traffic of customers. Leave it open until 2AM and you will make bank.

  • Hal Berenson

    It really is a no-brainer to make this permanent. Times Square is perhaps the highest traffic spot in North America, and this gives Microsoft an ongoing way to highlight its products. Of course the real-estate cost must be insane, so it does make sense to see how the store does this season. But unless performance is horrible, they should make it permanent.