Microsoft Unveils Public Beta For Next Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

Microsoft has opened up its public beta for the 2013 Xbox Live Update for Xbox 360 Public Beta.  The update will improve overall performance and the ability to conduct transactions with local currency, as Microsoft Points will be retired later this year.  It has been that rumored smaller live tiles will also come to the interface and the final update will come in late August.

Unlike our previous beta programs, sign up is now accessed directly through your Xbox 360 console. Space will be limited, so once the spots are filled the beta will be closed to the public. To join, look for the Xbox Beta Program tile on the home hub of the Xbox Dashboard.

You will be required to agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), but I’ve rarely seen these followed.

If you are an Xbox Member in Japan you will not be able to sign up at this time.

Source: Major Nelson

  • lgriao

    all players than I talked today didn’t see the Beta in the dashboard until now 3:55pm. I am talking from Brazil.

  • Emily the Strange

    ugh, a new beta, and then alot of idiots who dont respect NDA. Microsoft NDA is strict and all. but people can also choose not to join a beta if they are going to be jerks about NDA.

    like 2 years ago? this guy complaining about how he got banned when he clearly violated NDA because he tweeted a pic of dashboard.
    also 2 years ago, this guys who wrote about how their reviewer of new dashboard was banned, and they made a blogpost in betanews and complained about Microsoft.

    so yeah, a new year, another beta and more idiots I hate for not respecting something they are agreeing to, and then… they complain if they get banned.

    • Agosto Nuñez

      This is why you should read every letter of ANY contract you sign, and not just click on ”I agree”.

  • Violent James 5 *James S*

    After reading the entire Terms and Conditions I was skeptical about the update I just received on my Xbox 360 still waiting but I’m wondering if we know someone who is or already has shared information breaking the NDA’s contract how do we report one?