Microsoft Updates Bing App For iOS7 With New UI And New Features

Bing iOS app update


Microsoft today updated their Bing for iOS devices with new UI which looks simple and clean for iOS7. Also they have added support for gif images and more. From Bing app’s homepage, you can quickly access the information that matters to you, such as popular articles, trending images, and weather forecasts. You can share search results with others and more.

What’s New in Version 4.2:

A cleaner, simpler UI for iOS7.
Updated Bing logo and color palette.

Bug fixes:
• Extended the length of time a Microsoft account can stay signed in.
• Added support for animated .GIF files.
• Clear local search history.

Source: Bing App for iOS

  • Ben A

    Johnny Ive version of metro ui haha

    • nohone

      Step 1: Copy Metro
      Step 2: Make it ugly by using bright pink, bright green, and glass (but not as an accent, but in a confuising)
      Step 3: Add 1000s of UI bugs ( )
      Step 4: Fool the world into thinking that iOS7 is a new, original, innovative, beautiful UI while all the rest is a copy (even though it preceded iOS7 by years)
      Step 5: Profit!!!

      • Guest

        As much as I wish you was accurate…