Microsoft Updates Bing Ads With A New Look And Many New Features

Bing Ads Update

As announced by the Bing Ads team earlier, Microsoft today revealed the overhaul of the Bing Ads web interface. Microsoft has redesigned it based on the feedback of from customers. The site been redesigned to simplify navigation, a number of existing features have been revamped to make you more efficient including negative keywords, opportunities and change history.

It include the following improvements:

  1. Easier access to frequently used tools and links
  2. Shared libraries – lists of entities you can reuse across campaigns starting with shared negative keyword lists
  3. Multi-metric trend charts make it easy to view key campaign performance metrics at a glance
  4. More intuitive and actionable proposals in the Opportunities tab
  5. Overhauled Change History page, with undo functionality forthcoming

Read more about it here.


  • Men’s Rights Groningen

    I hope that they’ll create better Windows Phone Ad compatibility, Microsoft needs to become King of its own platform, then they can become a serious threat to Scroogle’s core business…

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