Microsoft Updates Bing Desktop App With More Wallpaper Customization Options And Bing Web With Improved Movie Listings

Bing Desktop Update

Bing Desktop is a small program that brings together the beauty of Bing’s daily homepage images with quick and convenient ways to search from your desktop for over 10 million people worldwide. Microsoft Bing team has released an update for it that allows you to customize and share your favorite homepage images.

To that end this week, we rolled out an update that makes it easier to customize and share your favorite homepage images. Now instead of having your wallpaper automatically synched to the Bing homepage-of-the-day, you have the option to set the categories you want to synch and the frequency with which they change. Also, if you see a homepage image that you love now, with a simple click you can share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Existing users will get the changes via Microsoft Update (if they have updates enabled), people who don’t yet have Bing Desktop installed can find it here.

Improved movie theatre listings on Bing:

Bing movie theatre lisitng

This week we released optimized search results that showcase movie times by location, theatre or movie in a glance-able answer at the top of the page. Now instead of having to click through to the website, in a few short keystrokes you can see what’s playing.

Source: Bing

  • Michael-Patrick Richter

    They should finally bring it for 8.1 RT and WP 8.1

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      Bing offers a variety of services there, the difference is best explained in how a man explained Internet Explorer Vs. Scroogle Chrome on Windows on a W.P. Superfanboy site, where on Windows Microsoft Bing is a tool, a tool they use to implement in various ways, on other platforms like Android and iO.S. Bing is a toolbox as Microsoft doesn’t try to keep you in ”their system” on Windows as ”you’re already there”, this is why the Bing Mobile app has more features on the iPhone and IO.S. than on Windows Phone, on Windows Phone those features are either separate components of the system, or parts of different apps, I do agree that Bing Smart Search and Bing Mobile for Windows Phone need to get more functionality, but it’s a case of tools Vs. toolboxes.