Microsoft updates Bing it on contest for the holiday season


Microsoft has updated their Bing it on contest for the holiday season.  The contest challenges browsers to compare Google with Bing results in a blind test and lets users decide which search engine results in better results.

Bing has now launched the “Bing It On Holiday Search Challenge“ offering participants a “Microsoft Box of Awesome” (Windows Phone 8, Xbox 360 with Kinect, Windows 8 device) or a $10,000 paid trip to any place in the U.S.

For the holiday challenge, Bing suggests searching for things like “how to make homemade eggnog” or “ice skating rink”.

Read more about the contest  here.


  • Robin Stacey

    US only, again. Microsoft continues to be US-centric and prove that a company with a worldwide reach is only really interested in 5% of the worlds’ population. And they wonder why Bing doesn’t have significant market impact outside the US.