Microsoft Updates iOS Skype App With The Ability To Join Ongoing Group Voice Calls

Skype iOS

Microsoft today released updates for Skype for iPhone and Skype for iPad. This v4.12 update brings better call quality, accessibility improvements, and the new ‘Join Call’ button for group voice calls.

Latest improvements:

✓ Join ongoing group voice calls right from your iPhone or iPad, as requested by many of you in the iTunes app store.

✓ Voice and video call quality improvements.

✓ Accessibility improvements.

✓Dialpad improvements.

✓Get help by accessing FAQs from the app.

✓ General fixes and speed improvements.

Download Skype for iPhone and Skype for iPad applications from the Apple App Store.

Source: Skype blog

  • efjay

    Wonder if this is how it will be if the Nokia acquisition goes through, with HTC and Samsung getting priority for new WP features and ios getting first dibs on formerly exclusive Nokia apps.

    • koenshaku

      LOL I swear…

  • nohone

    Just updated my iPod to iOS 7. Holy hell is this OS ugly.

    • dev92

      Lol! I wanted to at least try it out, but I have the iPod touch 4g :-

      • nohone

        I have the latest iPod. I loved my ZuneHD, but it was not working as it should any more.
        After 3 times trying to install iOS7 on my iPod, it finally installed on the 4th try. Not only is it ugly, but completely awkward to use. I haded how to give a song a rating, you had to press a button to hide the album artwork – just show the stars on the same screen. Now you not only need to press a button, but then you need to press a ratings button to show the ratings which show as a gray that is so light, you need to look really hard to find it.
        The thing is, people that have been criticizing Metro are now calling this beautiful. Maybe if they fixed the usability and did not use a pastel palette that only a 7 year old girl could love.

        • Yuan Taizong

          Exactly, if Apple was so bound on stealing from Microsoft they should’ve stolen the good things, and not just the concept with horrible execution.

          • nohone

            They did steal the good parts – Metro. Then used a horrid color palette. Zune used pink on white, but the pink was for an accent color only. The iPod music app uses it for text and main UI element colors.
            Add into that random black squares appearing, it locked up 3 times requiring a reboot, a UI that is impossible to use with somebody with bigger fingers, and much more, iOS 7 is a mess. And the Apple fans have the nerve to criticize Win8.

          • nohone

            BTW, I find it interesting how people whine and complaine about MS only supporting NA in their services. And yet, the iRadio in iTunes on the iPod from iApple only works in the US. But nobody says a word.

  • Yuan Taizong

    For some reason Microsoft listens more to iO.S.- and Android-users than Windows Phone-users, we on Windows Phone 7.8 still can’t sign in with our Microsoft-accounts, while iO.S. gets these features.