Microsoft Updates Photosynth Tech Preview With Lots Of New Features And Improvements

Photosynth Preview

Last year, Microsoft revealed the third generation Photosynth technology. This preview version of Photosynth is dramatic step forward in smoothness and simplicity and it supports four basic experiences: spin, panorama, walk, and wall. Today, Photosynth team has released another update to its Technology Preview.  Also you no longer need to sign up to the Tech Preview separately from the Photosynth website.

New Features:

  • New ways to explore synths: To help you discover other users’ synths, we now provide you with different views. From all recent synths to all-time favorites to your own my feed – you’ll quickly get addicted to browsing new synths.

  • Synth comments: You can now not only like synths in the Tech Preview but comment on them.  Let other synth creators know how awesome their synths are.
  • My feed and following users: You can follow another user’s account.  Once you follow a user, their synths will appear in your new my feed under the explore dropdown.
  • Featured synths: The Tech Preview already has a featured synths view of the most interesting synths being created. Get featured on this page by our editorial team and you’ll now be notified of your achievement via email.  New featured synths will now also display a shiny featured badge to let the world know.
  • Email notifications: You can now receive email notifications when someone likes one of your synths, comments on one or replies to one of your comments.  Don’t care for email notifications?  You can unsubscribe from any or all notifications through your user settings.
  • Geotagged synths: If you upload a synth where at least one of the images contains GPS coordinates, we now give you the option to show the location of your synth to other users.  Geotagged synths also now show a map of their locations in the synth information view.

Visit and enjoy the experience.

Source: Photosynth blog

  • Nham Thien Duong

    I did notice that they introduced new Synths every now & then, I really can’t wait for the new generation of Microsoft Photosynth to become official, I really want to try it on my Nokia Lumia. 😀

    • ZloiYuri

      You right. Just because PhotoSynth is a useless on WP. It never stitched pics properly. Always needed to make a lot of pics on Lumia and stitch them in MS ICE and export to PhotoSynth. Bad algorythms.

      • JohnnyJ

        I’ve made some wonderful synths on my WP. I just wish there was a way to share them on social networks like FB.

        • ZloiYuri

          You’re lucky)))))

        • Craig Osborne

          What ZloiYuri said. I’ve always had trouble with Photosynth. On my Omnia 7, I could never do 360 rotations without it overlapping and on my 920 it crashes the camera forcing me to restart my phone. If I am able to be successful, the result is so low res, it’s not worth it.

          • Bugbog

            Same. However, on checking it out recently, it does indeed seem as if the usability factor has increased in accord with the bug fixes!

            It no longer crashes, taking pictures is no longer tedious (the auto mode is now auto!, working quite smoothly), and, most important of all, it stitches the images rapidly [5+ secs] and rather well.