Microsoft Updates With New File Format Support, Sharing Features And More

SkyDrive File formats support

Microsoft today announced a bunch of new features for The new features includes the support for new file formats like GIF, new sharing options, new shared view and more.

File Format Support:

So now, supports these high DPI displays by measuring the DPI scale of your device. When your screen supports it, we show higher resolution photos and thumbnails. So you see more of your real photo instead of a thumbnail that gets up-scaled (note: not all browsers support high DPI yet).

If you’ve ever seen an animated GIF (pronounced “jif”) on the Interwebs (and probably laughed), you were probably disappointed to find out that when you saved and shared that same animated GIF on SkyDrive, it wasn’t animated. Well now you can view your favorite animated GIFs in all their glory!

Sorting and management:

You can now rotate photos on

A few months ago, we introduced the All photos view, and we’ve gotten great feedback on it. People seem to enjoy the fact that you can see all the photos you have anywhere in your SkyDrive, but would also love to see this view for a specific album.

So, now you can filter the photos in this view to a specific folder in your SkyDrive via the filter control.


Well today, we’re happy to introduce a new capability on the ability to share individual groups of files from anywhere in your SkyDrive. You can share two photos from your camera roll, or a hundred. You can share a file in one folder along with another file from a different folder. And you can share different things with different people.

For example, here are some camera roll photos that I took this winter. I can just click the date heading (Saturday 2, 12:07 pm), and then click the Sharing command to share just the pictures from that date:

Microsoft has also added support for simple text editor that allows you to edit JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and many code files within SkyDrive.

Read the fill list from the link below.

Source: Windows Team Blog

  • Martin Spierings

    Seeing the new sharing options. Can you now also see the shared items in your skydrive folder locally or do i need to download or view it online?

    • whatup12

      good question!

  • sky

    They should fix the problem that you cannot upload files with more than 256 or 446 characters of the file path to skydrive. That is anoying because one cannot perform a 1:1 backup from the files stored on a local computer. And no: truncating/shortening of the path by renaming or moving the file to another destination within the filesystem is not an option.

  • Bugbog

    Not yet ‘Live’ on my Drive!

  • reKitab

    GIF is pronounced, according to it’s acronym “gif: Graphic Interchange Format”, not “Jraphic Interchange Format”, imho:)
    let the battle go on…

    • Tips_y

      Actually, either way is acceptable. In some dictionaries it’s “gif” as in “gift” while in others it’s “jif” as in “jilt”.