Microsoft Updates Skype App For iOS With New Calling Experience

Skype iOS updated

Microsoft today released an updated version of Skype app for iOS devices with a new calling experience and bug fixes. Skype allows you to make free video and voice calls to anyone else on Skype, share photos, files and of course instant message others.

What’s New in Version 4.6

✓ Beautiful new calling experience
✓ Mark all your recent chats as read with just a few taps.
✓ General fixes and improvements
✓ One-to-one chats now appear in the correct order.

Previous release:

✓ Skype automatically reconnects a dropped call when your WiFi or mobile network reception is poor
✓ General fixes

Download it from App Store here.


    So Skype for iOS is updated because there is google voice, etc and Microsoft has to compete.

    WP does not have any of that so SKype is left to die because there are no competitors.

    Same was with IE6 and Xbox 360 when last years all you got was Halo and no new games unlike Sony

    Typical Microsoft

    • Oliver

      You can complain if you want, but what would you do if you were them? Lose control of the huge market that is iOS for the sake of a relatively small number of users? Even if they kept the Windows Phone version to a higher standard than iOS, too few people own Windows Phones for people to actually notice so it wouldn’t be a pull to the OS at all. It’s just like how big games like Temple Run and Angry Birds all started on iOS, but equally good games exist on Windows Phone and only don’t get big because it’s Windows Phone, not iOS.

      That’s the situation we are in at the moment, anyway. Slowly but surely, Microsoft are regaining market share, they will start allowing 3rd party browsers and Google will give in and make Windows apps at last, providing the competition needed and Skype will see the attention it deserves on Windows Phone. Patience is the game, I’m afraid, I agree that it’s frustrating.

      • Tips_y

        Very sane comment. I was about to voice a rant too but your comment put a stop to it LOL!

        • Oliver

          Glad you agree :)

    • deathdealer351

      There are some good VoIP apps in the marketplace. Almost all work better than Skype

    • My Name is The Fight

      How is skype being left to die? Stop the complacency now.

    • GG002

      It baffles me how small your world must be. You’re really forgetting that Skype is THE most multi-platform calling service on the web. It’s not just a service for phones, so quit your doomsday talk and go outside.

  • mr.mkv

    even microsoft treats the others os user best than they own i tired to be the last to get update, the last to have best apps and the one who wants to bebegging to developers to migrates there apps to wp, actually i´m tired to be wp user :(

  • GG002

    I dunno what people complain about in the comments, but I’m completely loving Skype for WP8 on my Lumia 920. It’s fast, fluid, sends off HD quality video to the one I video chat with, pushes notifications correctly and it looks pretty (I think prettier than the screenshots above).