Microsoft Updates Skype App For Windows Devices In Windows Store

Microsoft yesterday announced the updated Skype app for Windows Store devices. With Windows 8.1, you can now pin Skype app to your taskbar. Microsoft also announced a new update for Skype app with Windows Phone 8.1

 As with Windows Phone 8.1, we’ve made integration a priority to make sure our users have a great next generation experience. We know Skype users feel most connected to their friends and family when they can see their faces.  For the first time on mobile, you can easily upgrade your regular phone calls to Skype video calls. You can preview the feature in the current Store app, with more to come in the next few months.

As part of Build, we also announced improvements to make your Windows 8.1 experience more accessible and familiar. Skype for Windows Modern is built for touch devices, but we know that many users use 2-in-1 devices and often work in the desktop mode, switching between modern and desktop apps. We wanted to make that easier. So now your built-in Skype app can be pinned to the taskbar and accessible either on your start screen or on the desktop. The Windows 8.1 update is free to Windows 8 and Windows RT users, and the latest version of Skype will come with it. To pin Skype to the taskbar, hold down or right click on the Skype tile and select Pin to Taskbar.

Source: Skype blog

  • JimmyFal

    I just can’t use metro version until I can Window it, on the desktop. It’s great on Xbox One and Surface.

    • DaiaX

      Maybe i do not know the setting. But i do not use same account as my login credentials on Windows 8, so i use desktop version.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Well, I’ve always preferred the Windows Store version, though the features are a bit different, but my largest problem has always been the great amount of bugs I encounter, and when I upgraded to Windows 8.1 (Blue) I couldn’t use Skype for a whole month as it crashed every time I opened it, so I hope that they’ll keep it usable. (>_<)

  • tofferne

    But first make it possible to log on, here I still think about – log on with our Skype name. Without we don’t need all these new and smart things. These new apps are more and more terrible, please make easy and simple. If you have more Skype name, Skype choose for you what Skype name it will use and install – terrible situation. Please Make it simple – do you want to log on with Skype name or your Microsoft account, in these new useless apps.