Microsoft Updates Skype For Android Tablets With New Look And 4X Video Quality

Skype for Android Tablet

Microsoft today released an update for Skype app for Android tablets. This new v4.4 brings in new look that puts conversations first, displaying your most recent calls and chats, improved video call quality up to four times the resolution of previous versions, with enhanced clarity and frame rates.

In addition, Skype for Android 4.4 has several bug fixes and quality improvements:

  • Accessibility improvements with full support for TalkBack screen reader
  • Updates that address incoming call issues, including one that was causing phones to reboot
  • Additional changes to audio routing
  • Display and UX enhancements when switching orientation

You can download the update starting today in the Play Store. It will be available for the Kindle Fire tablets later this month.

  • Yuan Taizong

    It’s sad to say, but prior to these updates Skype hasn’t really been the most ”competitive” app for communications… if you, … know what I mean (–_–) Thank the Gods Microsoft is rapidly improving Skype to go head-to-head with the likes of most other communication tools in Google Play, Skype never was the best, even Windows Live Messenger did a better job at some functions, and now that the teams have been integrated we should be able to see those features ”return”, but I’m not certain if Microsoft will give Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 a better Skype Experience than iO.S. or even Android. For now we should be glad that Skype gets these updates on Android and other platforms, but I don’t think that Skype for Windows 8.1 (Blue) will truly replace Windows Live Messenger for Windows 8.

    • Guest

      They bought Skype for its market success not it’s technology. So yes, it’s good they’re enhancing the latter because it’s not very competitive. One question I have though is whether they’re going to have to take a write off for Skype at some point? Because with everything they’ve invested and continue to invest, plus the new strategy which appears to use Skype as more of a loss leader to assist consumer efforts like Surface, it’s not clear how they make back what they paid for it. I don’t recall it getting collapsed in the new structure. If it does, I guess they could blend Skype’s results across other efforts, including enterprise communication, and avoid that. But another multi-billion write off is not the kind of press they need right now.

      • Bugbog

        You are wrong there. Skype was averaging sales of $800M when they were purchased by Microsoft in 2011. Now they’re up to $2B a year in sales.

        So now, with Microsoft’s bundling efforts, Skype is doing better than fine!

        • Guest

          Sales != profits.

      • Mark

        If they’d kept it entirely separate a write off would have been likely. $8.5 billion + unknown but likely considerable closing and integration costs + a major back end swap that has MS now hosting 10K new servers on site + giveaways like free Skype with a Surface purchase. But they incorporating Lync’s results into Skype’s, which should provide a decent amount of profit to be shown overall, at least for accounting purposes. They might still have to take a charge at some point to reflect the difference between what they paid (which was hefty) and actual value. But it won’t be the entire 8.5 or close to it.

    • koenshaku

      WLM was a much better messenger in every way really. Well I admit Skype’s call quality was a little more consistent sometimes WLM would start to have latency issues, but that was like an hour or more into the video conferencing. But photo sharing, voice messages, video messages, custom emoticons etc WLM was hands down better and more integrated than Skype is.. Much like Xbox music fails to be as feature rich as Zune..

  • tomakali

    Skype cannot outbeat the features of Microsoft Lync 2013

    • Emiliano Magliocca

      yep: merge whatsapp, skype and lync :)