Microsoft Updates Socl Network With New Features And Improved User Experience

Socl Update 1
Microsoft today updated their social network Socl with new features and improved user experience. Find the list of new features and improvements below,

  • Even faster post creation. Now Socl provides an inline post creator ideally suited for fast creation of text, link or single image posts. All of Socl’s existing capabilities are just a click away.
  • Streamlined navigation. Easily dive in to the content types you prefer to discuss or create using the Socl ‘app’ picker in the main navigation bar, or hang out in the main feed to participate in all the action.
  • Directed posts. In addition to public posts, Socl now also allows you to make posts visible only to you or to people you choose.
  • Collect while creating. Now you can collect your post while creating it, and creating new collection is easier than ever before.
  • More inline video support. Now in addition to YouTube, most of your favorite video services – such as Vimeo, Instagram, Vine and more will play inline in the Socl feed. Give it a try!


Socl Update 2

Source: Fuse Labs

  • Aaron Abraham

    Now its better. is a nice site. I am surprised the online tech sites hardly report about it anymore.

  • Men’s Rights Groningen

    I love this new tile interface for applications (by Microsoft Research), it reminds me a lot of Microsoft Office Online, I hope that Microsoft will make all of their services more accessible, this is how Google is getting hundreds of millions of people on Google+, though the goal of Google+ is to get some of the Facebook’s sweet sweet ad revenue, Microsoft exists as an experiment site, but more people would make the data more reliable…