Microsoft Updates Socl Network With New look And New Features

Microsoft Socl New Design

Microsoft Research FUSE Labs announced a significant update for its Socl information network. This spring update brings a new look and new features. The site now features improved site navigation, better post creation, featuring, private messages support and more. Read the full list below.

– Simplified site navigation, including:

  • create a post button
  • discover (full site search and discovery)
  • pinned menu for quick access to notifications, messages, setting, parties and about
  • centered Socl logo to refresh the page
  • single click access to your profile
  • feed pivots between following and everyone

– Collections and Interests merged into one concept

  • collections curated by everyone (formerly Interests)
  • collections curated by individuals, including private collections
  • collection descriptions
  • tags now done at the collection level rather than the post level and applied only by collection followers

– Better post creation, featuring:

  • drag and drop
  • resize
  • shuffle
  • share to other social networks

– Personal opportunity cards to help build your following feed

– Private messages

– In line editing of profile information

– Enhanced discovery, search and presentation of related content

– Enhanced first time user experience

Source: Microsoft FUSE Labs

  • Franki86

    I logged into back when it was first announced/went public (maybe it was beta? don’t recall). I haven’t been back since that first day. Does anyone use it? Is it more or less popular that google+ (which I also haven’t been on in a while but more so than Just curious.

    • markjonson

      Same here. I have an account, but I don’t really understand the point of it. Even Google+ I understand. Nobody uses it, but at least it’s possible to understand what it does.