Microsoft Updates Xbox Music App With In-app Search Button And More

Xbox Music Windows Store

Microsoft has updated their Xbox Music app for Windows Store with the ability to give free listening a try without having to sign-in ,access search from within the app, bug fixes and other UI enhancements.

Today’s update to the Music app brings an in-app search button at the top right that allows you to search directly within the app for music on your PC, or in the Xbox Music catalog. The Music app will also now let you try Xbox Music’s free ad-supported streaming service by allowing you to listen to up to 15 songs without having to sign in.

Remember, after you sign in to the Music app on your Windows PC or tablet, you can stream millions of songs for free* (with ads) with Xbox Music. You can search for any artist, song, or full album and instantly play whatever you want. And with Radio, previously known as SmartDJ, you can discover new music and create custom stations based on your favorite artists and the music you love the most.

Download it here from Windows Store for free.

  • abacusguy

    Seems to have functionality similar to Spotify but with a simpler, less cluttered interface. If it permits 3rd party apps in the manner of Spotify and produces a Windows Phone 8 version with free streams it will be a serious contender vs all the other services.

    • Agosto Nuñez

      On Windows Phone 8 it already does everything you’ve mentioned, at present they’re focusing on Xbox Music for Windows 8.1 (Blue) rather than the ”traditional” Microsoft.ZuneMusic for Windows 8 which is mentioned in the article.

      I see Xbox Music as a top contender at the end of the year and certainly by 2015.

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    • Agosto Nuñez

      ¿Do they also sell Nokia Lumia’s? if ”yes” I’m in.

  • Agosto Nuñez

    A great improvement, I applaud it.

  • iHusky

    Yes you can listening music for free but not in Poland :( And I don`t have Radio