Microsoft Wants To Be The All-in-One Entertainment Experience With Xbox

We all know that Microsoft is working on original content for Xbox platform. Microsoft hired former CBS Corp. head Nancy Tellem few years back to lead its studio efforts. Microsoft is trying to target the core gaming audience between 18 to 34 years old. Bloomberg today reported many details about Microsoft’s plans for original content. The studio now has six series lined up — including a science-fiction thriller called “Humans” about humanoid robot workers — and more than a dozen projects in development. Speaking to The Guardian, Nancy said that Microsoft wants to be the all-in-one entertainment experience with Xbox.

“We want to be the all-in-one entertainment experience, so going into original programming was a natural step for us,” says Nancy Tellem, a former top executive at CBS with credits including CSI and Survivor, who joined Microsoft in late 2012 as entertainment and digital media president, heading its new production studio in Los Angeles. “The thing a lot of people don’t know is we have an amazingly rich platform of content. Look at games, Halo is a fantastic starting point. MSN reaches 450 million users a day, amazing global reach. Our video and music rivals [US streaming service] Pandora, and on the TV and film side, buying or renting, the number of titles we have rivals Netflix. It is an amazing, important starting point in terms of assets.”

Read more at The Guardian.

  • Joeyw

    “rivals Netflix”? Huh? You don’t buy and rent on Netflix. A better comparison would be Vudu or Amazon.

  • k00ksta

    For the love of god .. please add the ability to CONSUME media (MKV INCLUDED) sim. to what we had on the xbox 360. Having to PUSH content to the damn thing is complete nonsense. I still have to use my damn 360 just to connect to my Tversity Server..

    • Soundtweaker

      The Plax app for Xbox One is coming next month supposedly.

  • Oolie zool

    wants to be an All-in-one solution, but doesn’t allow me to stream media to the xbox one without having a Windows 8 device of some kind to use the “sometimes it works” Play To.

    • grs_dev

      Play to works from any Windows Media Player. I use it from a Windows 7 machine personally.

      I agree with the “sometimes works” comment. I find that the Xbox One Video player app is the problem most of the time though.

  • DFranch

    I would have already bought one if it could be used as a media center extender. MS should allow the XB One to be a media center system. They could allow the Ceton Cablecard tuner to be hooked directly to the XB One, and record to Network storage. Instantly the best DVR, game system on the planet.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    then why make xbox music and video seperate?