Microsoft: We Are Not Stopping Scroogled Campaign Against Google

Yesterday, there were reports that Microsoft is ending its Scroogled campaign against Google. Microsoft responded to those reports that they are not going to stop this campaign and asked us to stay tuned for next chapter of the campaign.

Microsoft’s statement,

“Scroogled will go on as long as Google keeps Scroogling people. We know Google doesn’t like it when the facts come out. Chapter two of the consumer education campaign has shown people care about their privacy. More than 3.5 million people visited, and nearly 115,000 people signed a petition asking Google to stop going through their Gmail. Stay tuned for the next chapter.”

  • Chaitanya Bangera

    what has happened to the comments section of wmpoweruser? Cannot see it since last week.

    • Bugbog

      Depending on the browser you are using, something has changed in the coding of either the site, or the disqus commenting tool. Now it requires “” to be enabled before displaying.

      This displays automatically in IE9, but needs enabling in others [at least in Firefox, which I also use], as the Cloudflare stream seems to be linked to a couple of ad displays.

  • Nitesh Maharaj

    Another one of Microsoft’s desperate attempts to gain users. Consumers will choose the better product. Bing can’t even find Nemo.

  • luis3007

    The Gmail-man ad was hilarious!!!