Microsoft Will Live Stream Surface Event On Tuesday May 20th

Surface 2014 Announcement

Microsoft invited the press for a Surface related event on Tuesday May 20th. Today, they announced there will be a live webcast of the event which we all can enjoy. The specific URL of the webcast will be shared in a follow-up post on Monday, May 19.

The Surface team has an event coming up next week in New York City. Invitations went out to a select group of press last week, and while the venue doesn’t allow us to invite you all to be there, we’re hoping that you’ll join us via a live webcast of the event that will be presented by the Microsoft News Center.

The webcast will begin at 8am Pacific Time (11am Eastern). For specific details on the webcast, visit the Microsoft News Center on Tuesday, May 20th. You should also follow Surface on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all the latest.

Source: Microsoft

  • LexicoRed

    Let’s hope they will announce the sale of the line to Dell so The hard workers at Microsoft can focus on what matters.

    The problem with pursuing both, as Microsoft is doing, is that strategy taxes are inevitable. If you favor your devices by giving them better services, you are by definition limiting your services on competing devices. Meanwhile, by offering your services on competing devices, you are limiting the competitive advantage of your devices. We see it not working for company where Services and Software is the future.

    • Jim Cherry

      dell would be one of the worse companies to sell to ms would be better off spinning it off to die on its own.

      • LexicoRed

        Maybe but Dell has greater pull with suppliers so it would allow them to push down build cost that could be reflected at retail. It may help sales that are struggling.