Microsoft Will Reveal Strategy On Xbox One Indie Development “Very Soon”

Xbox One

Microsoft has so far been quiet about the role of indie game developers in Xbox One. There were reports that Microsoft might announce that there will be a self-publishing option for independent developers as opposed to the current closed system. Speaking to OXM UK, Lionhead Studios creative director Gary Carr told that Microsoft will soon reveal more about its indie games/developers strategy around Xbox One.

He told that we will hear more “very soon” from Phil Harrison, former Sony Worldwide Studios president, who’s now in charge of Microsoft’s European developer relations.

“I certainly know that Microsoft want to talk at future press events about their relationships with indies. I can’t really talk about that, but they’re very passionate about building a strong relationship with indie development – indie development is the future.

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Source: OXM

  • tom

    If they are clever then the Windows 8 store is completely available on Xbox One using WinRT. If they are very clever they merge Windows Phone and Windows Store using WinRT. Why not have all my apps on my tv ? The device is running x86 and the same Windows Core…It would be good for developers and customers.

    • SteveyAyo

      I think its fairly obvious that WinRT and WP will soon merge

      • Gromanon

        Exactly what this man said!^

        There are many articles floating around with rumors that Windows Phones 9 will be major redesign. Plus Microsoft recently revealed a billboard with development focus for 2014 year with Windows Phone stating “Evolution of Start Screen”. What this all simply means is that Windows RT will very soon be powering Windows Phones with UI that’s very similar to that of Windows 8.1 and it’s features. New Windows Phone 9 is expected in 2014.

        • SteveyAyo

          I actually prefer the vertical scrolling of WPs over the Horizontal Scrolling of RT when it comes to smaller handhelds, but being able to group vertically and quickly jump from group to group would be welcomed.

          • Yuan Taizong

            App-stores may merge, but device formats might remain independent, Google Play can run on non-Android devices as well, having a unified app store for multiple platforms says nothing about the platform you’re on.

        • kalval

          Let’s hope so. I think if they removed the desktop completely from RT 8.1, it would be a fantastic phone OS. They may have to change a couple of things like which direction the start screen runs (horizontal for RT, vertical for phone) and which direction the charms bar comes in from (should come in from the top imho, it is the only reliably sized button-free bezel on the phone), and change the multitasking to be activated by a long press of the back button. But overall it would be a good thing for my phone, tablet and PC to be able to sync installed apps, app settings and other features.

          The thing I really don’t want to see though is windows RT becoming more like WP8 just to accommodate the ability to put it on phones. I think RT is very important to both Microsoft’s tablet strategy and the tablet market as a whole, and needs to remain in sync with windows 8 pro (minus the desktop apps of course). The rate of iteration of both ARM and intel processors at the moment is staggering, and it would be a bad idea to bet on only on intel when ARM has so much to offer.

          I think the best implementation would be a simple UI redesign for phones, leaving the tablet version as is. Microsoft already made the mistake of assuming unified experience meant exactly the same UI needs to be on every device (metro in windows 8 for desktop PCs), wheras they could have had consistent experience with a UI appropriate to the hardware simply by allowing metro apps to come packaged with a second UI which gets run in windowed mode when the customer launches them on a mouse and keyboard machine.

          TLDR: A unified OS across phone, tablet and desktop would be a great thing so long as the UI is adapted for each of these to suit the hardware (Microsoft: put windows RT on phone and tablet but redesign the UI for the phone version to suit that form factor).

  • Yuan Taizong

    I hope that many Indie-game developers shall embrace Microsoft’s original plan, and that there will be a family sharing option for these games, as if we get our ”promised Xbox” back, with the option of ”the compromise” on the media and the vocal minority.