Microsoft Will Streamline The Next Version Of Windows From Three OS’ Into One

During the earnings call, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about the Windows OS and the first-party devices and he said that Microsoft is approaching the Windows OS business with a bold, challenger mindset and pushing both the product and business model forward. He highlighted the fact that Windows licenses are zero dollars for any OEM building a device less than nine inches and also added a low-cost Windows offering with Bing integration for OEMs. These changes are expected to bring Windows tablets and clamshells at lower price points. Microsoft is also optimistic about first-party hardware given the early signs from Surface Pro 3’s performance in market.

In the coming year, Microsoft will streamline the next version of Windows from three Operating Systems into one, single converged Operating System for screens of all sizes and also Microsoft will unify our stores, commerce and developer platforms to drive a more coherent user experiences and a broader developer opportunity.

Our approach to first party hardware going forward is clear – at times we’ll develop new categories like we did with Surface. And we will responsibly make the market for Windows Phone.

However, we’re not in hardware for hardware’s sake, and the first-party device portfolio will be aligned to our strategic direction as a productivity and platform company. As I said before, going forward, all devices will be created with the explicit purpose to light up our digital work and life experiences. The good examples of this today are what we are doing with Surface Pro 3 for note-taking and PPI for meetings. You can expect to see this type of innovation in our hardware including phones.

Satya said that Microsoft will be sharing more about our next major wave of Windows enhancements in the coming months.


  • hushv

    Prepare to be disappointed

    • Dave

      Yes, I find you comment very disappointing.

    • donzebe

      Please can you expand. Disappointed in what?

      • hushv

        Like you, I’ve been following Microsoft’s announcements for a long time.

        They have great powerful vision. And they communicate it clearly.

        However, it takes on average three years to deliver on their numerous promises.

        The 2015 timeline seems too soon to deliver on this particular promise. I’ll be VERY surprised if they do.

        • donzebe

          They will officially announced or launch it in April 2015, developer preview will comes 2 months later and expect the final product released in early 2016. or at best at the discrete of the OEM, Carriers and retail stores.

    • dave

      a few days ago, I would have agreed, but I have heard a rumor that if true will be game changer, Onecore might be getting rid of the failed com+ Metro disaster and actual use the new roslyn opensource C# complier to allow cross platform .Net apps, this could be huge deal bringing back the alienated Devs!
      might be too little 2 late but full .net XAML stack on phone would be powerful. hope it’s true, if it’s just Metro/Store/Modern .Next, get a fork, they will be done!

      • Joe_HTH

        Yes, and in doing so you throw away Windows Phone 8.1 and it’s 260,000 apps and start completely over? In that case, Microsoft might as well quit now because they can’t afford to throw out the baby with the bath water to start all over. This is put them further behind than they already are.

        • dave

          WP is Dead at this point , they layed off 50% of maker of 95% WP, besides Im’ sure they could make it run existing app, if they want, 99% of existing apps are abandoned or get little support from authors , so it won’t be big deal anyway. whereas going forward they’d be giving Devs something powerful that would have an advantage instead of being handicapped with weak APIs and having to build everything from scratch in order to make something compelling which is what will draw in users, whereas whats out there is just a number, pep real don’t care if there are a million apps if there nothing special.

          • Joe_HTH

            Even if you’re right, which I don’t agree, abandoning all of that and starting over is far, far worse. Because you’re now farther behind than you already were. Starting over really would be the nail in the coffin.

            As for the WP8 APIs, there is absolutely nothing weak about them and they are better than the competition. Developer tools and platforms for WP8 are also better than what Apple and Google offer. There are many great apps in Windows Phone. This continual BS about how there’s nothing great in the WP8 store is just annoying nonsense. The WP8 store is nowhere near as bad as you and other claims. It has improved by leaps and bounds with official apps being added all the time.

            I’m not sure you know what you’re talking about when it comes to APIs and apps. Nothing they give devs if they started over would result in any more powerful apps than what it already has. Apps are what they are, and it’s highly doubtful they’re going to get more powerful. I don’t even know what you mean by that, as it makes no sense. Powerful apps can be created right now. Look no further than apps created by Rudy Hyun. His apps are far better and more powerful than even the official versions of those apps on iOS and Android. How good and powerful an app is will always be up to the developer creating it. The APIs are already great.

          • dave

            compared to full .Net they are, didn’t mean there weak for what they do.

      • hushv

        …this has been promised before windows 8 was released. I don’t need any more promises.

  • Joe_HTH

    This sounds like a bigger potential disaster than Windows 8. One OS doesn’t not necessarily fit all of the different form factors. What the hell are you thinking Nadella? A single unified app and development platform? Absolutely! But a single OS on four different form factors, hell no.

    I thought maybe this guy would lead Microsoft to new heights, but as time goes on, he might be their undoing.

    • donzebe

      Just because you think it can not be done, it should not be done. Fear not it’s already been done and in testing and will be very successful.

      • Robert Maftei

        I cannot understand… one windows? Like how? Can we run the windows linked between near windows? WE CAN HAVE THE SAME FUCKING ACTION CENTER OR WE CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK WANT TO? 😀

        • otacon1k

          Well… Look at the iOS and Android L and try to think that you can use one of them with mouse or keyboard. Nothing special :))

      • Joe_HTH

        Here’s the thing. This suggests that Windows Phone is going away in favor of Windows on a phone. Nobody with any sense wants Windows on a Phone. Less and less people are wanting Windows period from the looks of it. Microsoft needs to get rid of this Windows on everything BS. One of the biggest mistakes they made with Windows Phone was calling it “Windows” Phone. It’s like Microsoft can’t be happy unless Windows is on everything. Windows doesn’t fit on a phone, and nobody wants to put up with the many issues of it on a phone. WP8.1 is already great and it sounds like they’re going to completely kill that. It’s not a surprise since they’ve already killed the McLaren and the Surface Mini.

        Despite the fact that I like Windows 8 and I’m not afraid of change, it’s obviously not been good for Microsoft or Windows. After Windows 8, Microsoft cannot afford to get it wrong again, and if they do, they may have damaged themselves and Windows for good.

        • dave

          It may be something more like WPF .net (managed code/vector graphics) on everything then full blown Windows OS which could be a good thing, if it’s metro everwhere , prob will be another failure

        • donzebe

          The problem with Microsoft these days is not “Windows”. The main problems is slowness and no unique invention or renovations. They may change things by doing things differently; launching and releasing products faster in more markets. One windows may be the unique change we have been looking for.
          Lets wait and see after all we have many choices and Microsoft knows they don’t.

  • Kam Kam Ho

    With the invention of universal apps, UI is the only thing need to be coded separately for windows, phone and Xbox. However the web has moved to the “responsive” era, it is just a must for the future of windows software.
    It is just ridiculous to use the same OS on both low and high computing power devices. So I think they will keep current OS ecosystem.

  • Joe_HTH

    Thankfully Paul Thurrott has clarified this. Nadella misspoke badly, which led to these kinds of stories. Microsoft is not getting rid of these different versions of Windows and creating one to run on multiple platforms. Nothing is actually changing. What Microsoft is doing is unifying the backend of all the OSes, unifying the app and development platforms, and unifying the kernels.

    Microsoft has a communication problem, and Nadella is adding to that problem. You tell people you’re streamlining your OSes into one single OS, when you’re not doing that. That is a problem because it causes stories like this.

    • seinfeld123

      Yes you are correct, but IMO they should get rid of Windows RT , perhaps replace it with WP.

      • Joe_HTH

        I would agree.

      • dave

        great idea, I’m sure that exactly their plan, lmfao

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