Microsoft Windows Azure Ousts Amazon S3 As Top Performer Among Cloud Storage Providers

Nasuni today released their report on performance of Cloud Storage Providers. Nasuni tested five clouds: Amazon S3, Microsoft Windows Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage, HP Cloud Object Storage, and Rackspace Cloud Files. Microsoft Azure has trumped the last year leader Amazon S3 in various cases. Across the three tests, Windows Azure emerged as a top performer in all categories, and the leader in two out of three:

Speed: Azure was 56 percent faster than the No. 2 Amazon S3 in write speed, and 39 percent faster at reading files than the No. 2 HP Cloud Object Storage in read speed.
Availability: Azure’s average response time was 25 percent faster than Amazon S3, which had the second fastest average time.
Scalability: Amazon S3 varied only 0.6 percent from its average the scaling tests, with Microsoft Windows Azure varying 1.9 percent (both very acceptable levels of variance). The two OpenStack-based clouds – HP and Rackspace – showed significant variance of 23.5 percent and 26.1 percent, respectively, with performance becoming more and more unpredictable as object counts increased.

Read full report here.

According to last year’s Cloudsleuth report, Microsoft Windows Azure emerged as the the fastest cloud service.

Source: Nasuni

  • Ajay

    Can someone please explain in simple terms, what Windows Azure actually is and what it does/is meant for?

    • Chuck Whitaker
    • jasho

      It’s actually pretty complex. The short description – it’s a cloud space where you have a database, some storage space and youcan run your services and programs in cloud. The main idea is that companies don’t have to buy and maintain their own servers but they can simply choose how much space they want to use and how many processors are supposed to work on their programs qnd they can scale it on the go – i.e. when the amount of customers using that service increases – without the need to buy more servers. Plus all the data is stored 3 times (3 copies spread around the world) which provides faster access for users and an emergency backup in case that something goes wrong with one of the servers (you have an insurance on your data in case of fire flood etc.)

  • André Bires

    Scott Gu is the man. A lot of things was improved since he’s gone to Azure… MS should put he in the head of Windows, to fix the OS.

    • Kitab

      What’s wrong with the OS that needs fixing?

    • Kitab

      What’s wrong with the OS that needs fixing?