Microsoft: Windows Store Hits 1.7M Daily Downloads In October

Windows Store DownloadsWindows Store was launched along with Windows 8 almost one year ago. Windows Store allows users to download apps developed on modern UI on their Windows 8/Windows 8.1 machines. According to latest data from Microsoft, Windows Store racked up roughly 1.7 million daily downloads, both free and paid, in October(around 51.2 million applications totally). This is a 38.56% increase in numbers since June. While this numbers may look good when you look at it independently, it pales in comparison with Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

According to recent Apple numbers, App Store reached almost 74 million app downloads daily. I’m not drawing any conclusions from these numbers since Windows Store is an year old entity while Apple App Store has been over there for almost 5 years. With the launch of Windows 8.1 and many touch screen devices in the market, I hope Windows Store downloads accelerates over time.Ā  What do you think?

via: TC

  • Bugbog

    It’ll get there. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The foundation has been properly laid….Yada, yada, yada!

    Practically all apps are built specifically for tablets, scale to big screens, or are ported/adapted for them. Based on the anecdotal evidence I’ve accrued, 8.1 is a major step forwards in acceptance and adoption all the doubters and ‘dislike-ers’.

    So as long as Microsoft continues to work (re; grind) at it, we can only guess at the heights that it’ll eventually attain!

    • pepe

      This article is comparing apples and oranges. The 78 million of the Apple app store includes the iPhone which is 10x more popular than the iPad and OS X. Removing the iPhone’s downloads, stats would look really good for Windows 8.
      Pradeep should correct this article.

  • Pedro

    MS app store is still a desolated place, no decent games for example. Epic, Madfinger, LucasArts, 2K Games – all the big mobile games producers with top notch mobile games ignore MS app store since MS tablets have like 1 or 2 percent market share. And instead of luring app developers with big $$$ bonuses for porting their biggest hit apps and games to Win 8.1 MS instead sunk all this money into stillborn RT. Good move MS, congratulations with an empty app store, you totally deserve it because of your uberstupidity.

    • sri_tech

      Stop trolling.

      Lucasarts has one game in android app store (Star Wars: Tiny Death Star) which is also available for both Win8 and WP8.

      App/game situation is much better than android store after 1 year. Even today android does not have tablet apps for facebook and twitter. Both are available for Windows 8.

      • Lou_Sasshole

        Actually that’s not true, Twitter does have a tablet app for Android. It’s just not a separate download since its optimised for both phones and tablets.

      • Pedro

        WTF does it have to do with android? iOS has TONS of games including major hits from LucasArts, like KOTOR for example. They also have XCOM, they have Infinity Blade, they will have Blizzard Hearthstone soon. Android has some cool stuff too like Dead Trigger 2, PvZ 2, and many others. NOTING of which was even remotely announced for dead RT. Eat this šŸ˜›

    • Lou_Sasshole

      Pedro is a pole smoker.

      • donzebe

        A very large pole for sure. Lol

    • donzebe

      I have both RT and Win8.1 devices and I am not missing any apps that is useful to me. Compared to all the Apps stores Windows App store is the easiest to us.
      If you are bend on spreading rumors and lies do it with some truth and decency.

      • Guest

        LOL, so your the person who bought a RT, I was wonder who that poor sucker was.

        • Guest

          That is just mean, we all made dumb mistakes.

          Like mine; buying a Windows Phone 7. You think I would have learned with I got a Zune!!!!

          • nohone

            The coward is so desperate for attention, it is replying to its self.

          • Guest

            Pot meet Kettle

    • toph36

      There are plenty of great games, if you only took the time to look. You obviously do not have a clue and are just making blind assumptions. If anyone thought the Windows 8.x app store would be on par with iOS and Android after 1 year, they are crazy. It has come a long way, but yes it does have some catching up to do still. That is to be expected started 4 years behind.

  • AppDev

    I am a Windows Store Developer its very bad performance here just 10 or 12 paid app downloads for one month.

    • jimski27

      Seems like you let 51,000,000 opportunities slip by last month. Time to start promoting, or improving, your app.

    • pepe

      Give me a link to your app to see if It’s good.

      • LexicoRed

        Yes give us a link so we ca n support your work!

    • nohone

      I have free apps on the store win in-app purchases. I have a couple hundred purchases per month. It does not make me a fortune, but I make enough to cover my car payments. Maybe it is your app, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I had an app on the Apple App store. I had a dozen or so paid downloads per month, but it was because it was a niche app, one that not everyone would use and so lower number of downloads is expected.

      • Guest

        Same to you nohone why don’t you give us a link to your app?

    • laserfloyd

      Why would you say you’re a dev and not link to or promote your app? Most devs I know plug their products nonstop (and that’s a good thing for us and them). Hmmmm

  • Nham Thien Duong

    I find it weird how the Windows Store has less daily downloads than the Mac App Store, the Windows Store beat them in a couple of months.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      in Number of apps.

      • kalval

        Mac app store I think has actual desktop apps too. Windows store has links to desktop apps, but they are not actually sold or downloaded through the windows store. Microsoft needs to change this.