Microsoft Working On An Office Suite For iPad ??

According to sources of The Daily, Microsoft is working on Office suite for Apple’s iPad. It is expected that Microsoft will have its Office suite as  single big exclusive app for its Windows 8 tablets that will release later next year. If these reports are true, then Microsoft may have tough time in handling iPad platform.

According to sources, the tech giant is actively working on adapting its popular software suite for Apple’s tablet. With the iPad making up over 80 percent of the tablet market and millions of people worldwide using Office, that could mean big bucks for the tech giant based in Redmond, Wash.

In addition to an iPad-ready version, a new edition of Office is expected for OS X Lion sometime next year. The current version of the desktop package, Office 2011, officially supports iOS versions up to Snow Leopard. A Lion version, likely available via the Mac App Store, is widely expected. Windows, too, is due for an update, with Office 2012 currently in beta form.

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  • Anonymous

    hmmm why hand iPad more marketshare i dont understand Office is one thing people will consider when they see Windows tablet vs iPad vs Android. Built it and perfect it on the Windows platform then release it on others.

    Its like Halo game being developed for the PS3 and Wii because of marketshare SMH

    • Anonymous

      iPad already has massive market share. Right now, anyone who wants to use their ipad for a little bit of productivity will need to use iWork on the ipad. People generally like having a bit of consistency, so if they use Office in… the office (haha), they most likely will choose the Word/Excel/Powerpoint/One Note app rather than the Apple equivalent. Office is already available on Mac OS, why shouldn’t it be available on iOS? Most people use Office because they have to… to compare it to gaming is a bit silly.

      • Anonymous

        I am all for Office on iOS but after Office releases on Windows 8 its overshadowing one of their biggest launches next year.

  • Sara2323

    There are no facts behind this article at all. None of it makes sense.

    • TrevorDevourSmith

      Office 2012 (Office 15) is known to be in developpement.  Isn’t that a fact ?

      • Jo

        No because no one knows if it will be called Office 2012. Microsoft release Office 2007 then 2010. That’s at least a 3 year gap at least in terms of branding.

        • Mikevaes

          so what with the 3 year period! Before office 2007 there was office 2003 which is a four year gap! So apperantly the gap in getting smaller.

        • TrevorDevourSmith

          True.  The author should’ve wrote Office 15, but in anyway, an update for Office 2010 is coming sooner than later.  A funny fact is that it states ” Office 2011, officially supports iOS versions up to Snow Leopard. ”  Should’ve been “Office 2011 supports OSX 10.5.8 and later”.

  • Johnsm213

    Did the author make all of this up?  There is no new edition coming out for Office for Mac 2011 or Office 2010. Microsoft has already announced there will be updates to both versions next year, but everyone knows Office has an average 4 year life cycle.  Also, 2011 is officially supported on Lion.  Check the Office for Mac blog for that old news.  There are so many inconsistencies with this reporting I will take my readership elsewhere.  Obviously the author is looking for some traffic with this story.  Anyone that keeps up with the tech industry would laugh at most of the “facts” in this “story.”

  • TGR

    It really depends on price.  If MS makes Office expensive on the iPad it may not sell.  The key will be for MS to make Office very cheap on a WIN8 Tablet.

  • the person

    wow, this would be epically stupid.  Office will be the main selling point of Windows 8 tablets.  Someone at the Ballmer level needs to put the kibosh on this, the different divisions at Microsoft not working towards a common goal really ticks me off.

  • Anonymous

    Its simple release windows 8 first, dominate the tablet market. Then develop for ios 1 year later. Just as you did with the mac!!

  • JC

    Office 15 – web enabled and available on multiple browsers/OS so no reason it wouldnt be available for ipad?