Microsoft Working On New Cloud TV Service

Microsoft is making big moves in media space in the recent days. First they announced number of TV content on Xbox through Xbox LIVE TV and then rebranded Zune service into Xbox Music and Xbox Videos. Now, according to a job post from Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, they are working on a new service called Cloud TV. While Xbox TV is around enjoying live TV content on Xbox with enhanced experiences, I guess Cloud TV is a service that spans across platforms just like Xbox Music.

Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business is revolutionizing entertainment. IEB has a rich set of entertainment offerings from Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE to Zune Marketplace and Mediaroom. Our customer base is growing fast and our pace of innovation has been incredible with our latest product Kinect selling over 10 million units since its launch in November of 2010.

We’re looking for a Software Engineering Manager who is passionate about leading a team that is building awesome client applications for a new Cloud-based TV platform.

Why work for the Cloud TV team?
-Get in on the ground floor of an ambitious new project
-Work on a small tightly-knit team
-Follow Agile methodology to deliver results at web-speed
-Use cutting edge technologies
-Manage a team of brilliant engineers

-Experience with web application technologies (HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript) and common frameworks (jQuery/knockout.js/sammy.js/less)
-Experience with mobile and browser application development (iOS/Android/Windows 8/RT or IE/Webkit based browsers)

Also the Cloud TV service may be based on Microsoft’s Mediaroom IPTV platform which has 8 million consumer subscribers already.

Source: Microsoft via: Liveside

  • CX1

    I like the sounds of this. As long as its not itunes-esque pay per view. Should be X per month all you can eat.

  • techieg

    I can’t wait for this. I’m looking to ditch my cable company, they are way too expensive and don’t allow one select desired channels but bundles that you don’t need but have to pay for. And their cable box user interface/experience also suck big time. MS should just make it subscription-based or else I wish them good luck. I’m hope one would not need Xbox Live subscription for this service.