Microsoft Working On Office ‘Gemini’ Similar To Windows ‘Blue’

Office 2013 RTM Download

According to ZDNet, similar to the upcoming Windows ‘Blue’ update for Windows 8 OS, Microsoft is working on an update for Office suite codenamed ‘Gemini’. The updates will coming over next two years with the updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, coming this fall.

 We may see Metro versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint similar to OneNote and Lync which we have now. According to Mary Jo Foley, Gemini is more than just Metro versions of Office apps,

But Gemini is more than just the next, Metrofied version of the core Office apps. In the same way that the Windows and Windows Server teams are having to rethink all their development tools, processes and procedures in order to deliver annual (instead of every-three-year) versions of Windows, going forward, the Office team is remaking itself, too.

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Source: ZDNet

  • Mikael Söderström

    Sounds reasonable. I guess they want the customers to take advantage of Office 365 and other subscription based services (perhaps Windows as well in the future?), and this could be one of the advantages they want to push. Instead of buying and installing a new version every three or so year and update that separate, they would be able to push bot minor and major updates as soon as they are RTM’ed.

    Good shit.

  • Bugbog

    If they use the same Metrofied web-interface that they used for the MSN website, then they can push the a web version of 365 to Surface RT that will fit in real well!

  • NegLewis

    Office should support Gif, Audio, Video Editing ++. Consider a Frame to be a Page.