Microsoft Working On Skype Client For Windows 8

While Skype team at Microsoft is yet to deliver its client for Windows Phone, they have already started working on Windows 8 Skype client. Long Zheng from revealed the job posts for developers on C#, C++ & HTML5, JS to join Skype team. I’m pretty sure that Skype app for Windows 8 will be available on marketplace from day 1 ! ! Read more on this at below links.

Source: Job posts(1)(2) via: istartedsomething

  • Anonymous

    I think it will be baked in.

    • rsgx


      Really, it should be.

    • Anonymous

      I also hope it uses ones Windows Live account as it would get rid of one more username/password to remember.  Although Facebook kind of beat MS to it.

      • Anonymous

        One log in for all (like the Facebook log-in-to-most-sites capability which I think you were referring to) for everything in your User section of Win8 would be a killer feature.

        • Anonymous

          Yes it would :).  Although with Facebook, I was actually referring to the Skype video/chat they have integrated into their website.  But their log in to other sites is great as well.  Probably the only service I would still want a separate log in for would be Disqus since I don’t want my real life associates to know how much of a rude troll I am.

  • markiz

    I really, really hope it will be baked in the people hub/contacts/messaging.

  • Anonymous

    I just wish that they would get it on WP7. what is starting to kick me though is the fact that I’ll have to buy win8 and wp8 if I want everything to sync up right.