Microsoft Working With Intel To Significantly Improve Laptop Trackpads In Windows 8.1 (Video)

Microsoft is working on making major improvement for laptop for the final release of Windows 8.1 .  Windows principal program manager James Clarke outlined some of the improvements being planned for the 8.1 release later this year:

According to the Verge:

Microsoft has been working with Intel, Elan, and Synaptics to allow Windows 8.1 to directly control the pointer, multi-touch, and gesture support in trackpads. They’ll also include smoother scrolling and better zooming and panning support. Clarke showed off a “co-engineering effort with Intel” that is a concept device using the new “Precision Touchpad” support, noting that Microsoft has “invested in accidental activation prevention to help really filter out these non-deliberate touches on the touchpad.”The work is clearly in the early stages, but Microsoft believes some laptops will debut with the improvements later this year. “These devices will be coming to market in some limited availability this holiday and then shipping in volume over the course of the next year,” says Clarke. It’s not clear which PC makers will take advantage of the Precision Touchpad support, but it’s also possible that Intel may build this requirement into a future Ultrabook specification.

Source: Channel 9 via The Verge

  • rorrr

    my Synaptics driver for Windows 8 already has these features.

    • neva

      Did you install Windows 8 on a Windows 7 laptop or buy a new with Windows 8 pre-installed?
      I’ve a HP with a Synaptics touchpad running Windows 7. I’m able to use two fingers or the right/bottom part of the touch pad to scroll.
      If I update it to Windows 8 Pro, will the Windows 8 Touch Gestures work? I didn’t update it yet because of this…

      • Slappy

        From my experience with an HP Probook 4530-S that came with Win 7 and was upgraded to Win 8:

        You can update it with the latest Synaptics drivers and get full Win8 gesture support. The only problem is that Windows Updates will overwrite the newer driver with the Win7 driver (Stabby, stabby, stabby!). To get around this, set Windows Update so that it downloads, but does not install, updates automatically. Once you do that you can tell it to suppress the trackpad driver “update” and download everything else. Windows will then prompt you to install updates manually but you don’t have to worry about the trackpad driver getting overwritten with the older version.

  • Kruegerman

    It’s “touchpad”, not “trackpad”. “Trackpad” is an Apple-ism.

  • deathdealer351

    I hate trackpads they are the devil