Microsoft Xbox Executive: We Want To Be Number One

Xbox Marketing Director Harvey Eagle recently spoke during an event about the Xbox business. Yesterday, we reported about Microsoft seeing increased momentum in sales after the price cut of Xbox One to $399 for the base unit. In the same event, Eagle revealed that Microsoft is ambitious and want to become No.1 in the gaming industry. Due to high pricing and few marketing issues, Microsoft let Sony achieve more sales success on this generation of consoles and they are now trying to reverse it.

“There’s a few things I’d like us to achieve. If I take a long-term view, I want Xbox to play a role in bringing more people into gaming,” Eagle said. “I think it’s incumbent on those who make console platforms to ultimately grow the market. Otherwise we’re just trading the same customers amongst each other.”

“There are other success measures, and market share is certainly a very important one. Microsoft is a very ambitious company, and we want to be number one,” he added. “We’re in this for the long-term and the company is committed to making that happen.”

Source: Gamespot

  • Windows_Freak

    If you want to be number one, where is my Xbox One Kinect extension cable? 20 feet should do it.

  • It should be about the games

    I’m sure Sony want to numero uno too. This will come down to who can make the right decisions at the right time. Games play a part in all this, but they’re not the be all and end all of the gaming industry like many people think. How a company is perceived is just as important as the games they release. That’s where Xbox went wrong last year. They’ve gone some way to putting that right but listening to the internet still provides quite a lot of negative comments and mistrust in the company as a whole. It’s that they need to concentrate on. Phil Spencer is a definite step in the right direction but not at all the savior at Microsoft.

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